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Sexy book excerpt: Successful doctor finds risky romance with his colleague

Dr. Spence Whitman is searching for the perfect woman… but how will he know when he’s found her? All he wants is to find a girl who knows there are more important things in life than money, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some similar interests too. Now if he could just stop getting distracted by his gorgeous surgical resident, he could start looking for the perfect wife…

Read the full excerpt from Her Hometown Hero by Melody Anne:

“Do you want me to stop?”

Stop? Why would he possibly stop when this felt so good? Somewhere, buried deep in the back of her mind, Sage knew she should indeed call a halt. She just didn’t know why. And if she couldn’t figure that out, wasn’t it time to finally see what all the fuss was about?

As a doctor she knew how the body worked, knew it was chemicals and hormones. But as a woman, she had no clue what she was experiencing. Whatever it was, though, it was fantastic. And stopping was the last thing on her mind.

As Spence’s hands now brushed the undersides of her breasts, her body pulsed with need. When he shifted her, lining up her body in the most perfect way with the pulsing jets, she felt heat building inside, felt something she’d never felt before.

“More,” she groaned, wanting to feel his hands come over the mounds of her breasts, to caress her nipples.

“More,” he agreed, and then he cupped her, his fingers squeezing her aching peaks through her bra, and a guttural cry of need escaped her throat as she leaned back, her head resting on his chest while he continued his exquisite ministrations.

His fingers found the front clasp of her bra, and then, thankfully, he freed her from the sodden material, and finally his hands were on her skin, his thumbs rubbing across her nipples, making her cry out in pleasure as he twisted them, making them even harder than before.

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Spence’s hands began moving all over her body, caressing her sides and her breasts again, and then lower, tracing the curve of her hips and proceeding to the inside of her legs. He spread her thighs and centered her core on one of the jets, making her writhe in front of him.

“Spence,” she cried weakly, unsure of what she was feeling.

“Enjoy it,” he whispered before his lips traced her ear. With one hand he encircled an aching breast, while with the other he reached inside her panties and ran a finger down her folds, spreading them and sliding easily inside her heat.

She wanted more, needed more. Her body knew what it wanted, and she was following the commands it was issuing. When he pulled back, she whimpered until he turned her around and looked into her eyes, his own blue depths burning with desire.

“I want to take you now,” Spence said.

“Then have me,” she sighed before he bent down and captured her lips, needing both to give and to take.

Sliding his hands down to her hips, he grabbed her panties and drew them off, leaving her naked for his pleasure. She was burning up, both from the water and from the inferno he was building inside of her.

And still it wasn’t enough.

He let go of her long enough to discard his shorts and then she was being lifted to the side of the hot tub. He spread her legs wide so he could see all of her secrets. She wanted to hide, but as his head descended and his hot tongue traced the outer folds of her heat, she lost any impulse to fight.

The cold air on her wet skin made her nipples tighten painfully, while the hot water and steam from the tub rose up to fight the chill. He kissed her heat, letting his tongue swirl around her most sensitive area, and then suddenly she was flying, her body releasing in an explosion of pleasure so great, she almost lost consciousness under the barrage of fireworks in her eyes.

As the last of her tremors subsided, she felt herself being pulled back into the water, the gentle heat warming her cooled limbs as Spence pulled her on top of him, her thighs spread over his, his erection pressing against her core, begging for entrance.

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She needed to tell him. He should know . . .

But she couldn’t say the words. In a blissful euphoria, she waited as he began to press forward, his erection stretching the opening of her heat. “Spence,” she sighed as his mouth caressed her neck. All the sensations he was giving her were overwhelming in the most wonderful of ways.

“Oh, Sage, I can’t hold back any more,” he cried. He gripped her hips and pulled her down hard on his solid shaft.

Pleasure evaporated. A sharp pain ripped through her and her eyes shot open, her body tensing. Everything seemed to go quiet as Spence froze with their bodies still locked together. He pulled back just a bit and looked into her eyes, his own rounded.

“Are you a virgin?”

About the author: Melody Anne is The New York Times bestselling author of the Unexpected Heroes series — a spin-off of her wildly popular Billionaire Bachelors novels featuring the handsome Anderson men — as well as the Tycoons series and the Surrender series. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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