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Women cruelly expose cheating wife at baseball game

Two sisters at a baseball game in Atlanta caught a cheating wife. And they told the husband all about it. For some, this move is heroic. For others, it is a violation and overstepping of bounds. But what should a person do if they see a stranger being betrayed?

A woman who appeared to be sexting with a man other than her husband was allegedly spotted at a baseball game in Atlanta by two sisters whose seats just behind her offered a good view of the woman sexting with her lover.

Delana and Brynn Hinson have gone viral and become something of Internet celebrities since they posted images on twitter of the woman sexting . The game may have been between the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers at Turner Field, but the Hinson sisters took it to another level. See below:

Like anything else, we need to take this with a grain of salt. It could be another Internet hoax. But let’s pretend it’s not. Here’s what they saw:

The woman was texting: “I will be naked… laying on the ground.” She also said: “Mark Allen I lov … much.” This second one was blocked by her hand. The name at the top of her screen was “Nancy.” Clearly this was the code name for her lover.

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What the sisters did next is the odd part. They took a team roster and wrote to the husband. “Your wife is cheating on you. look at the messages under Nancy,” it said. “It’s really a man named Mark Allen.” They left their phone number.

Cold, right? But also dangerous.

While many people are saying what these two women did is heroic, there are others who feel it was cruel and could have really hurt the wife. Let’s say the man was violent. Do they really want to be the cause of him hurting his wife? Or even them? After all, “don’t shoot the messenger” is a saying for a reason.

But even assuming this guy was a great guy who just happened to be cuckolded and his wife is a horrible cheating jerk, it’s still wise to mind one’s own business. It’s enough of a dilemma whether or not to tell a best friend. But to tell a stranger? That seems unnecessary and almost cruel. Sure, the wife is bad, but the girls who meddled in someone else’s business are just as bad. How do they know what they started? It’s cruel and something only very immature people with a rudimentary understanding of relationships and love would do.

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We can’t know another person’s marriage. We can’t meddle. The fact that these girls did may make them Internet heroes, but nothing about their actions is actually heroic. Save a baby. Rescue an older cat. Serve a meal to the homeless. All these girls did here was hurt a marriage.

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