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Girl drops baby to catch wedding bouquet (WATCH)


How far would you go to catch the bouquet at a wedding? Nothing was going to stand in the way of this young girl, who has become the star of a video clip that’s gone viral this week.

It’s not clear where the video originated but women all over the world will no doubt relate to the thrill of catching the wedding bouquet. (For those who’d rather be sinking shots at the bar than jumping in the air for a bunch of flowers, I hear you, ladies, but you know — tradition and all that.)

The footage shows just how much catching that bouquet meant to one particular wedding guest. So intent was she on getting her hands on those flowers, in fact, that she appeared to forget she was holding something rather more precious in her arms — a small child.

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Video: LivTheGinjaNinja/YouTube

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Luckily the tot seems to survive her sudden crash to the floor and the person who posted the clip, titled “Flower Toss Wedding Fail!,” stated that “no babies were harmed in the making of this video.”

Unfortunately the young girl who dropped the child didn’t even catch the bouquet …

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