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Newlyweds give their first dance a hip hop spin (WATCH)

We’ve all sat through far too many awkward first dances at weddings. There’s nothing more excruciating than watching a groom with two left feet shuffling around after his bride, or a bride who’s so drunk her husband has to hold her up under the armpits. Or vice versa.

So we’re kind of over all the embarrassing first dance videos and all about celebrating couples who put on an unforgettable performance for their guests — for all the right reasons.

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Which is exactly what Saffron Walden couple Beverley Hockley, 29, and James Parris, 26, did, turning their first dance as husband and wife into a showstopping routine that they choreographed themselves and including their friends and family as backing dancers.

As soon as the bride kicks off her heels we know something pretty special is about to happen…

Video: Hip Hop Pop/YouTube

The caption to the clip made it clear that, although Beverley is a teacher at Essex dance school Hip Hop Pop, groom James had no previous dance experience and he learned the routine with “a lot of guts and a smiley face!”

It also explained that the diverse range of music used for the routine was “a mix of songs that mean the world to the bride and groom.”

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Was your first dance a highlight of the day or best forgotten? Let us know in the comments below.

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