11 Healthy recipe bloggers who make food you’ll actually want to eat

Hey, health-seekers. It’s not all kale and quinoa out there.

These 11 healthy recipe bloggers prove that healthy and edible meals are not only possible — they’re downright extraordinary. Check out their genius work for the inspiration you need in your meal plan.

1. Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Image: Katie/Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Katie at Healthy Seasonal Recipes describes her cooking style as “healthy pragmatic locavore omnivore culinerd.” Sounds awesome, right? You can find recipes for everything you need, from breakfast to cocktails.

2. Live Simply


Image: Kristin/Live Simply

Long to live naturally and simply? The Live Simply blog is for you, since it offers simple and natural recipes for a practical and on-the-go kind of family.

3. Chocolate-Covered Katie


Image: Katie/Chocolate-Covered Katie

In need of a few healthy dessert options? Chocolate-Covered Katie specializes in healthy versions of treats, like brownies, milkshakes, cakes and more.

4. Elephantastic Vegan


Image: Bianca/Elephantastic Vegan

Vegan or not, you’ll have to admit that the recipes on the Elephantastic Vegan blog look pretty tempting. Check out the site for burgers, omelets, pastas, breads and spreads that are all — you guessed it — vegan friendly.

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5. Running to the Kitchen


Image: Gina/Running to the Kitchen

Blogger Gina is a runner, and she’s serious about feeding her body the energy it needs for athletic performance. But, she’s also serious about real and substantial recipes that a crowd can enjoy.

6. iFOODreal


Image: Olena/iFOODreal

Love clean eating? Then iFOODreal is for you. Blogger and recipe developer Olena has a host of delicious recipes that are free of processed foods and GMOs — and most are organic.

7. Fit Foodie Finds


Image: Lee/Fit Foodie Finds

The recipes on Fit Foodie Finds were developed by yoga sculpt instructor and blogger Lee Hersh. They’re perfect for athletes and amateurs alike — and pack a low-carb, high-protein punch for healthy energy.

8. The Whole Tara


Image: Tara/The Whole Tara

We love that The Whole Tara includes both healthy recipes and inspirational posts about a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Peruse recipes that include healthy hacks for smoothies, snacks, sides and more.

9. Dietitian Jess


Image: Jessica/Dietitian Jess

Some healthy food bloggers just have a knack for healthy living, but Jessica at Dietitian Jess has the credentials to help people begin their journey into healthy meals. She’s a registered dietitian, and her meals are practical and easy for beginners to master.

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10. Two Healthy Kitchens


Image: Gretchen and Shelly/Two Healthy Kitchens

Two Healthy Kitchens believes that food should be delicious, fast and powerful. The recipes on the site are perfect for moms who need quick and healthy options for their families.

11. Jeanette’s Healthy Living


Image: Jeanette/Jeanette’s Healthy Living

The recipes on Jeanette’s Healthy Living blog focus on flavor, while minimizing the use of sugar, salt and fat. Blogger Jeanette created the recipes because she was tired of seeing people with dietary restrictions have to sacrifice flavor for the sake of their health.