6 Health hacks to enjoy day drinking safely

Aug 3, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. ET
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Summer is in full force, and that means that summer fun and summer boozing are, too.

Medical experts recommend that women drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per day, but we all know that even the most health-conscious people push their limits. What can we say? The sun is out and life feels good. "Summer is a great time for fun and parties, and with that comes both the enjoyment of day drinking and the downside of feeling terrible that night or the next day," says internal medicine physician and co-founder of Vous Vitamin Dr. Arielle Levitan. She suggests the following health hacks to avoid the pitfalls and health hazards of summertime day drinking.

1. Alternate alcohol with water

According to Levitan, a lot of the discomfort people experience following a day of drinking is directly related to systemic dehydration. You know the hangover headache? It's caused by shriveled, dehydrated brain cells. You can prevent dehydration by alternating alcoholic beverages with water, or by choosing a hydrating alcoholic beverage like VoCo's coconut water and vodka.

2. Eat salty foods throughout the day

I always thought that salty foods were dehydrating, but Levitan says that's not the case. "You should eat throughout the day, and the foods should ideally contain some salt," she says. "This will help you maintain your hydration."

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3. Enjoy a bit of fat

Fatty food as a health tip? Yes, please! "Fattier foods will help slow down the alcohol absorption into your blood stream," she explains. Try a tasty hamburger or fried chicken — doctor's orders.

4. Pace yourself

"Being in the hot sun and drinking can lead to feeling the effects of alcohol sooner than you are used to," Levitan says. In other words, it's possible to get drunk much faster during the day than you do at night. She suggests that you pace yourself and take it slow, so you don't end up accidentally barfing in the pool.

5. Combat alcohol's toxic effects with vitamins

Day drinking depletes your body of both its hydration and its essential vitamins and minerals. But, you can select a vitamin and electrolyte formula that replenishes your body's nutrients from the inside out. "A blend of thiamine, folate, magnesium and other key nutrients modeled after the IV formulation that hospitals give to intoxicated people is helpful," Levitan says. She suggests summer sun goddesses take a Recovery Act supplement with water to help stave off hangover malaise.

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6. Practice utmost caution

Whatever you do, don't get a big head about the activities you could try just because it's still light outside. "Do not undertake water sports, boating, biking or driving after consuming alcohol," says Levitan. If you're under the influence, these activities are a terrible accident waiting to happen. I'm looking at you, drunken tubers.