Bethenny Frankel’s perfect response to media obsession over her sex life

Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel is no stranger to media attention, but this time, people are prying heavily into her dating life because she’s been particularly “casual” about it.

There have been many snap speculations about the guys she’s supposedly been dating or (heaven forbid) sleeping with, but each call out has been met with wonderful, relaxed humor on her part. Most recently, she took to Twitter in order to answer inquiries about what she’s been up to (intimately speaking) this summer.

This winking retort is so great because it calls out all the media hounds for prying, and shows them just how ridiculous they’re being. While Bethenny may be a reality TV star during the few months that she’s taping, this time is hers, and she has every right to claim it and do whatever (and whoever) she wants.

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The funniest thing is how seriously media outlets took her Twitter post, as if she’s planning an event for fall, and that event involves renting a room at the Plaza by the hour. People! She was making a funny!

While she’s been linked to several men, including Michael Cerussi, a billionaire named Warren Lichtenstein, even Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family, she has not been totally forthcoming about any potential suitors. This is obviously driving the media mad, causing them to throw promiscuity judgments her way, but Frankel continues to take each criticism in stride and live the life she wants to live.

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And frankly, she deserves to do just that, because she has been through some seriously tough times in the past. While she can’t discuss details of her divorce on the show, it is clear from her therapy sessions with Dr. Armadour (which are filmed for the show) that she’s in serious need of some easygoing fun. Yes, she might be a mother in her mid-40s, but does that mean it’s taboo for her to be dating more than one guy? I think not.

Another reason she hasn’t confirmed or denied anything about her romantic life yet is probably because there’s nothing to report. As anyone who’s swam in the dating pool knows, finding anything real takes time, so no news simply means no one special has come along yet. Until then, let’s enjoy Bethany’s fun pictures of snow cones, swimming and yoga poses (which she’s obviously doing to get limber for all the sex she’ll be having in the fall).

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Life is good.

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