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Singer cuts down haters after ‘maxi pad’ falls out of her dress (VIDEO)

Women bleed every month. It’s called our menstrual cycle, and it’s a fact of life. For Mexican singer and actress Patricia Navidad, it is also true. And during one of her recent performances, something that looked a lot like a feminine sanitary pad fell out of her dress. Big deal, right?

Wrong. As it turns out, the twitterverse had a field day and mocked the singer mercilessly. See the incident below:

On July 14, Navidad tweeted that “there is a big difference between Kleenex and a sanitary towel, which I don’t even use.” But the haters were not satisfied. They kept making fun of her. Finally she shut them down with a very funny tweet about penis size you have to read to believe. But it also brings up an important point:

Periods are natural. And we women should not feel ashamed.

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Oh, I know it’s not popular to say it. I am sure every woman has lived in fear of blood dripping through her clothing or running down her leg or any other incident that might show she is (gasp!) a woman who does what women do. I am in my late 30s, and I still cringe in the checkout lane when a man scans my o.b. tampons.

It’s silly, really. What is it that makes me feel shame? I have had three children, and my body has grown all of them, and my period is a part of that. I should be proud of it, right? And yet I am not.

The reasons are many. Sure, no one wants blood on their clothing. From their nose. Or from their vagina. But the level of shame is much higher when it is “female bleeding.” We women really need to let it go. In every way. Our cycle is a part of our lives, and we shouldn’t flinch because men feel discomfort. We use pads. And tampons. And menstrual cups. We bleed. It’s OK. We can have sex during our periods, and we can run and jump and play and do whatever we want to do. We are not unclean. We don’t need to be cleansed of the blood in a special way or spend our periods in a special hut. There is no stigma. There is no shame. Every woman does it.

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So let’s stop being ashamed, and let’s start celebrating our amazing bodies. We can make babies. That is a superpower no one else has. Top that, men.

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