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Groom knocks out his bride in crazy backflip attempt (WATCH)

I am getting married next year, so naturally I’ve started creating a list of all the things I’d love to have happen on the day. However, after seeing this video of a groom knocking out his bride with an ill-timed backflip, I think I should also make a list of things I don’t want to happen.

That said, I have to give the groom props for actually pulling off a backflip (for the most part) on the walk into their reception. In fact, both he and his newly concussed bride were showing off some seriously impressive moves before the incident.

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There is currently no information about who this impressive (and unfortunate) couple is — perhaps they’re too embarrassed to come forward now that they’re internet famous? The video is only 30 seconds long and appears to have been shot by a guest rather than the wedding videographer. All I can say is, it was very well-timed and would certainly make it into the top 10 wedding disaster videos on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

The saddest thing about it is that this was obviously a well-rehearsed first dance. The newlyweds come out raring to go, and the bride immediately gets on the dance floor and starts rocking it while the groom prepares for his fateful backflip.

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The knockout happened not only because the groom was overzealous with his dance moves (seriously, who does a cartwheel followed by a backflip on a tiny dance floor?) but because his bride wasn’t watching. She is turned away from him during his gymnastic stunts, and that’s when she gets that major blow to the head, which appears to knock her out for a moment.

The groom does go to help her, but she falls out of his arms and to the floor again. Isn’t that the point when you call for help? Instead the groom does something ridiculous again — he keeps on dancing! Maybe he was subconsciously mad at her for missing his air time. Maybe he was just trying to keep a bad moment from ruining the party. Regardless of the reason, backflipping, while cool in other situations, is bad news at an indoor wedding. Sorry, honey. Looks like you’ll have to do the snake for our first dance instead.

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