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Woman who lost 200 pounds silences haters with a raw, honest selfie

Our society is obsessed with body transformations. When we are “too thin,” they tell us to eat. When we’re “overweight,” they feed us information on fad diets and encourage us to get active. While the majority of us celebrate, and sometimes live vicariously through others’ success, some continue to body-shame.

24-year-old Simone Pretscherer shed half her body weight in just under a year’s time. Starting at 372 pounds, the young woman eliminated processed foods from her diet and incorporated leisurely as well as extensive workouts into her daily routine.

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As a result of her efforts, Pretscherer currently weighs in at an impressive 182 pounds and looks fantastic. Naturally, though, haters will indeed hate. It wasn’t long after she began documenting her progress on Facebook that skeptics jumped at the chance to put their two cents in, claiming progress photos are nothing but a keen sense of Photoshop.

Rather than zero in on the negative energy coming at her from all angles, Pretscherer proved them all wrong once and for all, uploading photos of herself in a sports bra and yoga pants, the excess skin that had accumulated from her fat loss completely exposed.

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“I don’t know why but every single comment that called me out for being fake and a liar really bothered me far more than it should,” she selflessly admitted in the caption of these photos.

Pretscherer is now reaching out to the online community for further assistance. By starting a Givealittle page, she has raised $2,000 towards surgery needed to remove her excess skin. The goal is to accumulate $20,000.

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There is no shame in being disheartened by those who try to bring you down. If anything, this reaction is natural. I applaud this young woman for having enough gumption to share her progress with the public and for being able to admit that she still has ‘flaws.’

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