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Two sisters give the best wedding toast — in song! (VIDEO)


I have seen some great wedding performances in my time. There have been awesome choreographed dances, flower girls who stole the show and even surprise animal appearances. However, I’ve never seen a toast as epic as the one these California bridesmaids gave.

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Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman took their positions as co-maids of honor at their sister Caitlyn’s wedding very seriously. They wore the matching (but not matching) bridesmaids dresses beautifully, they stood by their girl as she said her vows, but once it came time to party, all bets were off. The sister duo decided to honor her by creating a five-minute-long song medley for their toast, using some of everyone’s favorite pop hits, but changing the words to fit their purpose. What resulted was a truly unforgettable tribute that I’m certain Caitlyn will never forget.

Greatest wedding toast of all time! from Chair7 Films on Vimeo.

It starts off pretty tamely — they give a decent rendition of Traci Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” — but things just get exponentially better from there. Once they hit Backstreet Boys’ “Rock Your Body,” I was ready to Facebook stalk them, and tell them “you don’t know me, but I love you.” I was singing backup for them by the time they brought it home with the Sister Act 2 version of “Oh Happy Day.”

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Can we just talk about how great these two are at rhyming?? I mean, I know the original song lyrics probably helped, but I was floored by what they did with Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.” They even went all the way with the rapping section of the song, and totally nailed it. All I can say is if they’re not already doing joint stand-up, they should be, because they are hilarious. No doubt, they are the stars of all their friends. Ladies, if I ever move to California, I’m going to do everything I can to make it into your circle.

To my own bridesmaids, the bar has been set pretty high here. Now I know you’re all super creative and talented, but you’re up against some serious competition, and I’m counting on you to top it. You should probably start having weekly brainstorming sessions when we’re six months out from the wedding. Just know that I believe in you.

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Weddings are the perfect time to show your friends and family how much you love them, and the more inventive you can be in doing that, the better. Let’s hope Caitlyn steps up in the same way for her sisters when one of them gets married, or has a baby, or gets her own reality show (totally possible). Something tells me this whole family is filled with surprisingly awesome talent.

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