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Want to join the mile high club? There’s an app for that


If the idea of joining the mile high club with a relative stranger fills you will excitement, then this app might be just the thing for you. It’s designed to connect like-minded air travelers in the vicinity who may just fulfill your fantasy of sex in a tiny airplane bathroom.

Or, you know, just be a pleasant flying companion. That is, after all, what businessman Richard Lloyd had in mind when he created it. He claims it is simply a tool you can use to network with others who are on your flight, and might make good business or social connections. However, he does acknowledge its potential to spark something more.

According to the Daily Mail, Lloyd said in the press release, “This is a business tool aimed at making life easier for those wanting to share a cab perhaps into a city or find out who on the flight is going to the same conference as you. But I’m sure there will be some who find it perfect for networking in a social way, all with the best intentions of course. MileHi by name but very much saying hi by nature.”

Yeah, right, Mr. Lloyd. We see right through that polite, British exterior.

The app already has the nickname “Tinder of the sky” because it connects people in a very similar way. It uses your location to find nearby users and allows you to swipe right or left based on whether you want to, ahem, engage them or not. You can even find out who your potential flying mates are before you get to your seats, so if you want to sit next to one of them, you can message them ahead of time. This will make that “meet me in the bathroom in five” conversation a lot easier.

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Image: MileHi

Lloyd claims he came up with the idea while watching travelers returning from holiday, but I think how he met his wife had something to do with it. He met her when they were in a departure lounge back in 1995, so you can see why he saw potential in an app that helps facilitate the same effect.

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The app works on both iPhones and Androids — you set it up by plugging in your personal details (occupation, marital status) and your flight details. You can swipe left and right on fellow users in the vicinity, or, if no one’s doing it for you on your flight, you can swipe left or right to see passengers on yesterday’s or tomorrow’s flight. That way, if you like the looks of someone flying into the same city the next day, you can wait for them at baggage claim and pull the old airport pickup line, “business or pleasure?”

Lloyd says the MileHi app is “‘perfect for those who happen to be holidaying at the same destination or city. For example, users could arrange to share a taxi from the arrival airport, exchange tips and ideas on what to visit and where to explore.” Or just cut to the chase and grab a hotel room together. The point is, the sky’s the limit with this air travel app. OK, I’ll stop with the puns.

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