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Woman confronts ex-boyfriends to find out what they really thought

What do your ex-boyfriends think about you now? Is it something you have wondered? Model and beauty expert Stina Sanders did. And she decided to do something about it.

Sanders, 24, interviewed several of her exes for an inside look at what they really thought of her. The result is a funny, poignant piece about love lost and love that lasts. But what about the rest of us? Stina’s boyfriends mostly had nice things to say about her. For example, one boyfriend from when she was 17 said:

Dating Stina Sanders in my opinion, is comparable to eating in a really nice dish in a snazzy restaurant and really enjoying it.

Yet for some unknown reason (as the food and I are both good quality) the dish and I did not agree.

The break up was relatively straightforward and amicable as it was simply down to a conflict of interest, because we were both at different stages of our lives. We also had different lifestyles.

Not bad, right? Mine would be a little less friendly I fear. For me, the truth is, a break up wouldn’t happen if we were compatible people. So in all cases, my break ups were horrible, loud affairs that ended up pretty much in hatred. One ex even told me I have a “black soul.” Ouch.

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On the other hand, shouldn’t former lovers be able to be friends? You were together for a reason. There was a connection and hopefully it was about more than sex. That’s the idea. The truth is murkier. When we break up with someone, it is often because we suddenly see something we hadn’t seen before. At the beginning of a relationship, the rush of love makes you overlook so many things in your beloved. By the time the make or break decisions are being made, you might know the truth. And the truth might be that the person isn’t that awesome at all.

It’s the little admitted truth of break ups. They happen for a reason. And friendship might be a pipe dream. It would be nice if we could all ride off into the sunset on happiness and sunshine, but we also should leave the past behind sometimes, too.

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Are you friends with exes?

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