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7 best running shoes for high arches — your feet will thank you

4. Nike Free 5.0

Nike Free 5.0
Image: Amazon

As a high-archer myself, I was surprised to fall in love with Nike Frees, as I always thought I needed shoes with more arch support, not less. But these zero-drop-style running shoes completely changed my perspective. They fit like a glove and enable an easy, natural running gait, rather than the more traditional heel-strike-first motion. (Amazon)

5. Brooks Transcend 2

Brooks Transcend 2
Image: Amazon

Just be aware that even those with high arches can overpronate. Jessica Skarzynski, half-marathon runner and blogger at Jess Runs Happy is no stranger to the experience, “I’ve got super-high arches — when I’m standing flat, you can slide a pencil under the arch of my foot clear through! My overpronation was terrible and caused a lot of other weird injuries in my knees and calves. Once I got the Transcends, that didn’t go away, but it helped me be more aware of it. Also, because my arches would collapse, one toe would rub against the tops of every kind of sneaker I ran in, causing painful dead toenails and blisters. The Transcends alleviate that — it takes me longer… to lose a nail now.” #problemsrunnershave (Amazon)

6. Merrell Bare Access

Merrell Bare Access
Image: Merrell

For another “minimal” or “barefoot” running option, Larissa Dalton Stephanoff, an aspiring runner and inspired yogi turns to the Merrell Bare Access 2 shoes. While this particular style has been discontinued, there are other Bare Access versions available with similar features. (Merrell, $95)

Stephanoff chose the Bare Access because, as she says, “I knew I wanted a minimal shoe and after some research, Merrells seemed a good fit.” She admits that it can take a while to transition from a traditional shoe to a minimal version, but says, “I’ve been very happy with the change. My arch has a flexibility of movement that I never felt in the Asics and Sauconys I had previously.”

7. Altra Women’s Torin 2.0

Altra Torin
Image: Amazon

And as the final palate-cleanser, the Altra Torin was ranked No. 4 among the best running shoes and sneakers for high arches in 2016 by Runner Click. For women, the Torin has zero drop and is well-cushioned, meaning that you’re probably going to feel the difference on your next run right away. High-arched Amazon reviewers also gave the shoes high marks — recommending them for all types of training, from 5 to 50K. (Amazon)

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If you’re not sure whether traditional or minimal shoes are right for you, consider whether you like to be able to feel your surroundings as you run. Stephanoff points out that, “I prefer the feeling of being more connected to the ground. The pair I have are 8 millimeters thick, meaning you can feel the surface [through the soles].”

7 best running shoes for high arches — your feet will thank you
Image: SheKnows

Originally published November 2015. Updated September 2016.

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