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7 Ways to improve your confidence and rock your personal style

Tammy Gibson

Personal style is more than just the clothing hanging in your closet. Personal style includes your personal appearance, non-verbal communication and mindset. It is a reflection of your inner confidence and is how you present yourself to the world.

Let’s talk about seven ways to improve your confidence so you can rock your personal style.

1. Get healthy!

You are at your best when you have energy, strength to get through the day and have a body that is free from disease or injury. Plus, when you are healthy, you feel good about how you look. Your skin has clarity, your body is lean and your mind is alert. Be practical with your goals and be consistent with your dietary choices and exercise schedule.

2. Learn to speak in front of others

Many people avoid speaking publicly due to fear. When you learn techniques to overcome this fear you demonstrate your fabulous personal style by looking and sounding confident. You will be respected for your ability to present a talk with poise.

3. Stand tall

Good posture will help you breathe more efficiently, helping oxygen flow to your brain. This helps prevent feeling tired and promotes clear thinking. Good posture also looks better. You will appear more attractive and confident because you have good posture. As a bonus, you also have feelings of well-being when you sit or stand tall, quite opposite of the low-energy, depressed feeling you get when you find yourself slouching over.

4. Smile

It takes 12 muscles to smile and 113 muscles to frown. When you share a smile with another person, you are telling them that they are likable, safe with you and worth your time. Other people perceive you as approachable, trustworthy and pleasant when you smile. As a bonus, wearing a smile also boosts your own mood. Share a smile with everyone you pass by today.

5. Do something that scares you

Challenge yourself to do something that feels scary to you. Make videos for your business, go sky diving or call someone who needs to hear an apology from you. Doing something that feels scary, and surviving it, will increase your confidence. Frequently remind yourself that you survived the event and if you can do that, what else can you do? Keep pushing your limits.

6. Restock your wardrobe with clothes that are really “you”

Get rid of all the clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t fit your body or lifestyle. Replace them with pieces that fit your style personality and your body type. When you love what you are wearing, you feel unstoppable (more tips here).

7. Have good hygiene

We all appreciate someone who looks and smells fresh! I’m sure you do your best to maintain good hygiene but sometimes there are issues that are a little harder to control than fresh breath. I’m speaking about vaginal odor and itch. You can’t possibly look and feel your best when you are battling these. A simple solution for maintaining optimum vaginal health is to keep a normal vaginal pH, which keeps yeast and bacteria balanced.

Here’s how:

When vaginal pH is unbalanced, feminine odor and discomfort can occur.

Unbalanced vaginal pH can be caused by menstruation, semen, douching, body soap and even hormones from menopause. Feelings of insecurity and doubt creep in because we are just not sure how to manage the issues. With the help of the right products, you can take control of the situation!

RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel is an over-the-counter product designed to maintain healthy vaginal pH with a patented bioadhesive, which bonds to the vagina’s epithelial cells and restores the pH to its healthy range of 3.5 – 4.5. It helps eliminate feminine odor and vaginal discomfort and lasts for 3 days. The gel is applied with a pre-filled applicator directly inside the vagina so you don’t have to deal with messy creams.

In addition, RepHresh Pro-B is a daily probiotic supplement that helps balance yeast and bacteria.* Take once daily to maintain a healthy vagina.*

This winning combination of RepHresh™ products will help you feel fresh all month long!

Hello self-confidence, welcome back!

RepHresh is available at many mass retailers and online. Learn where to buy here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between the makers of RepHresh products and SheKnows

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