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Man drugs girlfriend so he can keep playing video games

Any woman who has dated in her 20s has likely had to contend with competition from video games. For many men, it’s how they unwind and what they like to do in their free time. We put up with it for a little while. But then it gets old. For one man in Germany, he decided to deal with his girlfriend’s video game nagging in a new way. He drugged her.

It’s absurd really, but terribly true. The 23-year-old German man admitted to putting several drops of a sedative into his ex-girlfriend’s drink while she was still his girlfriend after she fretted that he was spending the evening playing games rather than being with her.

Apparently she slept the night away and he was able to play his games. But wow. What a jerk. It’s hard to imagine stooping to a lower level. And, though this couple has since ended, it’s such an example of the way that couples can put up with each other’s weird issues largely through denial and other means. What would possess a man to drug his girlfriend rather than end their relationship? There are many women who game. Maybe he would be better suited to some of them.

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The fact is, communication is the key to any successful relationship. If one has to resort to something illegal and immoral just to do what they love, then something is clearly broken. It’s time to break up.

Recently drugs have been in the news quite a bit thanks to Bill Cosby’s alleged rapes and all the drama around that. So maybe it is a good time to review the facts: It is never OK to drug a partner. Not for sex. Not for sleep. Not for video games. This is kind of a constant rule.

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But also: Communication, people. If something bothers you, don’t fake an illness to get out of sex or fake an orgasm to make it end. Don’t drug a loved one to get to do what you want to do. Talk to them. Discuss things. And if there is still no compromise, maybe it is time to hit the hills. Not every relationship is built to last. And that’s OK. What’s not OK? Drugging someone.

I just have to shake my head sometimes.

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