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10 Creative dates you can only do in summertime

Lazy evenings on the porch, the symphony of crickets outside your window and the creamy taste of rum raisin ice cream… there’s something about summer that slows down your pace, reminds you to appreciate the little things and makes you feel like a kid again.

And there’s nothing sweeter than summertime love. So, skip your old routine of Netflix and takeout and tap in to your “child side” with these fun dates before the school bells start ringing again.

Summer date ideas

1. Cannonball into the springs

Take a weekday off work and head to your closest natural springs. The water is cool and clear and may be just the mid-week pick-me-up that both of you need. Pack a picnic and don’t forget some floats!

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2. Hit the surf — ’50s style

Wear a vintage swimsuit, while he wears retro trunks, and ride to the beach in a rented convertible. Fly colorful kites, bring fruity popsicles and race around on roller skates.

3. Take a mini road trip

Hang a map of your state on the wall, blindfold your beau and let fate decide where you’ll both head to next. Grab the keys and some classic rock ‘n’ roll tunes and discover the new town.

4. Go camping in your backyard

You don’t have to travel miles away and spend months planning the perfect vacation. Set up a tent in your backyard and toast marshmallows over your fire pit for some yummy summertime treats!

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5. Say hello to sea and sky

Rent a canoe and take a couple of fishing poles out to a lake. Then, as the dusk rolls in, set up a blanket and a telescope and see the stars up close.

6. Cool off at the skating rink

Skate hand-in-hand to “Achy Breaky Heart” under laser lights and a disco ball. When you’ve skated beyond your own risk, take a break with Fruit Roll-Ups and Pixy Stix at the snack bar.

7. Buy tickets to an amusement park

The Notebook-style. Ride the Ferris wheel, crash with bumper cars and race on go-karts. Then, laugh the evening away while trying to win a goldfish at the carnival games — cotton candy in hand, of course.

8. Hit the ol’ dusty trail on horseback

Head to your closest state or national park and take a hike through the woods on horseback. Make some homemade trail mix and throw a bird-watching guide and some binoculars in your knapsack.

9. Pedal for ice cream

Nothing is more summer than bikes and ice cream. So, why not have both. Make up your own downtown tasting tour of your favorite small bites and ice cream shops.

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10. Float away in a hot-air balloon

Do something you’ve never done before, so it will be a first for both of you — like climbing the skies in a hot-air balloon. Afterward, go to a tea shop and share the memory over hot tea and coffee.

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