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6 Foods to cut from your diet for significantly better health

Tiffany Parker

I think it’s safe to say that we all desire perfect health and vibrant energy, but why are so many of us exhausted? Yes, we live in a stressed-out world with burdens and demanding schedules, but why is it that we as a culture can’t function until we’ve been caffeinated every morning? Something is off. We as human beings are designed for energy, health and sustainability without stimulants to get us through the day. So what’s the missing link?

There are many foods and additives out there that Americans consume on a daily basis that have been linked to decline in health and quality of life. Here are six of those foods to get out of your diet for energy and perfect health.

1. Refined sugar

Sugar causes an inflammatory response in the body, which is now known as the root cause of most diseases. According to the 2014 documentary Fed Up, it is considered to be as addictive as cocaine. It feeds cancer cells, spikes blood sugar and causes insulin resistance leading to diabetes. Plus, it is the most surefire way to put on those extra pounds, especially around the tummy… and who wants that?

2. Processed foods

Processed food is filled with preservatives, chemicals and food-like substances not fit for human consumption over the long term. They are typically full of toxic material your body doesn’t know what to do with. Substances such as GMOs, MSG, trans fat, high amounts of refined sugar, chemicals and a long list of things you wouldn’t even recognize! Steering clear of processed food overall is a great way to get more energy, feel good and keep your health in tip top shape.

3. GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms are being studied more and more in recent years and finding the negative effects on our health. They are lab-made, pesticide-resistant crops, which release a toxin that even kills animals. Do you really want to eat that? Some people find incredible progress in their health and energy by simply shopping organic and making sure the food they are consuming is non-GMO.

4. Conventional meat

Conventional meat is pumped with drugs, growth hormones, antibiotics and fed a GMO grain diet. These drugs, hormones and antibiotics are then consumed by you, leaving the meat compromised and harmful, rather than beneficial. If you are a meat eater, be sure to shop organic and grass fed. This can make a huge impact in your well being.

5. Processed deli meat

There are a few issues with processed deli meat. The first is whether or not it is organic. Like I mentioned in my previous point, the harsh drugs that are given to the animals are then consumed by you, leaving a list of issues. The additives they put into processed deli meat are also incredibly harmful. Sodium nitrate has been linked to disease, especially cancer, and it increases risk for heart disease. Most processed deli meat also is full of refined sugar and preservatives. Here’s a tip when buying meat: If it has a shelf life longer than you, it’s time to pass on that turkey sandwich.

6. Soda

Soda is one of the most harmful substances you can consume. Everything from the toxic BPA-lined can to the nutritionally void liquid. It leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The caramel coloring agent used in brown sodas has been linked to cancer in animal studies and is in high doses in each and every can. Oh, and diet soda is even worse! Opt for water and you will see a radical change in your mental clarity, weight and overall health.

By eliminating these six foods, you will be setting your body up for perfect health and energy. Replacing them with whole real foods is the quickest way to gain back health, maintain health and find vibrant energy.

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