Lorna Jane needs to realise that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes

The fitness apparel giant has stores all across Australia and the United States, and her glossy catalogues and fluorescent singlet tops beam with positive slogans and inspirational quotes. “Every woman deserves a beautiful, active life,” one quote reads. “It’s not our abilities that define us, it’s our choices,” charms another. But this week, Lorna Jane and her company have come under fire for an ad that was published for a combined reception and modelling position.

The ad went on to describe the perfect candidate, which included body measurements: “BUST: 87-90cm, WAIST: 70-73cm, HIP (at widest point): 97-100cm, HEIGHT: 165cm or taller.”

Some have argued that what is really worrying about the advertisement is that it’s for both a model and a receptionist role. Why should it matter the size of the person at the front of house?

Others, though, don’t seem to think there’s much of a problem with the ad, saying that it’s an industry norm to ask for specific sizes of their models, especially when said models are going to be used to size and alter specific garments.

But what I think is a bit off about the ad is why the athletic brand would want to hire a model at all. Surely, if you are creating athletic gear for people who are interested in having a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, playing sport and maintaining an active life, then you’d want to go straight to the source — fitness buffs, sportspeople, gym lovers.

Loads of people have been sharing their opinions on social media, asking Lorna Jane to wake up and smell the Lycra, saying that fitness comes in all different shapes and sizes.

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“So fit women are only size 8?? Okay boo boo say that to stunner Serena Williams xx,” one woman said on Twitter.

Fitness is not a size 6 or 8 or 10. Living a healthy and active life is possible, no matter what your size. Why doesn’t Lorna Jane show some real women in their advertising campaigns?

I don’t want to see size 6 models pretending to work out in gym shorts and moisture-wicking T-shirts. I want to see real fitness fanatics wearing Lorna Jane in the way they’re actually meant to be worn, not striking poses, puckering their lips and looking sexy for the camera, all the while trying to make their silhouettes as long and angular as possible.

Get football player Kyah Simon into some Lorna Jane gear and put her in front of the camera. Put sportswomen of all different ages and sizes into the gear to show that fitness is, as Lorna Jane preaches, about moving, nourishing and believing.

It’s not about physical measurements. Fitness is about how you feel, even more than it is about losing weight and what you look like. And that isn’t being shared and celebrated nearly enough by Lorna Jane.

Leave the modelling to the couture brands and the fashion stores, and give the fitness gear to the sport lovers, gym junkies, runners, boxers, cyclists and yogis. Get some real people to campaign for you, Lorna Jane. That’s what I’d like to see.

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