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10 Struggles anyone with allergies knows too well

Having allergies isn’t uncommon — it’s estimated 50 million Americans deal with some sort of allergy. Yes, it helps to know we’re not alone, but it doesn’t make the struggle any less real.

1. Antihistamine coma

It’s like next-level tired and you know it is coming.

Sleepy duck

Image: Giphy

2. You have to budget for tissues and allergy medicine

It may be time to invest in some cloth tissues.

No money

Image: Giphy

3. Sinus headaches

And it makes accomplishing anything impossible.

bad headache

Image: Giphy

4. Having a section of your closet for “in case of hives”

Turtlenecks and long sleeves for days.

Walk into closet

Image: Giphy

5. Being “that” person when you go out to dinner

The one who has to call ahead, check the menu, talk to the waiter and meet with the chef.

Annoyed friend

Image: Giphy

6. You don’t even bother to clean up the tissues

If you can’t love me at my worst…

Tissues everywhere

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7. Always looking so sad

No, it’s just my allergies!

Crying or allergies

Image: Giphy

8. The panic you feel when your Benadryl is only half empty

But, I need it!

Freaking out

Image: Giphy

9. Having a legit fear of flowers, perfume and walks in the park

It’s so dangerous out here… ah-choo!

Freaking out

Image: Giphy

10. Trying to figure out if you’re sick or it’s just your allergies

Either way you don’t want to get out of bed.

Sick or allergies

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