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Plus-size vlogger tells off all ‘fat girl’ bikini haters

We are in the midst of bathing suit season here in the United States, and as is true every year, we are also in the middle of a big debate on just what kind of bathing suits people are allowed to wear. One plus-size vlogger, Loey Lane, has had enough of the nonsense.

In a scathing video blog, the beautiful and sexy Lane stands in her bikini and gives all the haters a quick tutorial on who is “allowed” to wear a two-piece and who isn’t (hint: everyone can wear whatever they want). See below:

The fact is, no one is allowed to tell us what we are allowed to wear on the beach. Period. Isn’t that refreshing to know?

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As Lane says in her video, a woman who is confident in her body isn’t promoting a “lifestyle” by liking her body. She’s just refusing to hate herself. It’s refreshing.

Any woman in this country can tell you how hard it is to not hate ourselves. We are told almost every day in almost every way how inadequate we are, how overweight we are, how much we need to do to look even remotely presentable. It’s exhausting. Here is a woman who dares to like her body despite the “flaws,” and we criticize? Who are we to do so?

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This summer, I am sure I won’t feel confident enough to be in a bikini. And that’s a shame. The only times in my life when I have worn a bikini with confidence have been times where I have deprived myself and worked very hard to be a very small size. It’s not a great way to live. It’s not a happy way to be. And it’s also not the only way a person should have to feel good about themselves. We are more than our bodies. And our bodies can be beautiful at any size. Lane reminds us of that. Plus, she looks insanely hot. Anyone who tells her different is envious. Period.

Let’s rid ourselves of the notion that bikinis are only for one type of person once and for all. We will all be a lot happier.

Do you feel confident enough to wear a bikini?

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