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7 Reasons it’s OK to get tattoos with your sig other

Yes, tattoos create a pretty permanent bond to your skin. But, couples tattoos have effects that go further than just skin deep. From conveying commitment to marking milestones, there are plenty of reasons why couples should get tattoos.

1. Engrave milestones

Some people may take a selfie on their anniversary or tell their diaries about their first date. But, matching tattoos can also mark a milestone. Sharing a thrilling trip together or reaching a landmark in your relationship (engagements, weddings, babies) definitely qualify as happy times that you’ll want to be reminded of every day.

2. Symbolize your commitment

Our culture loves to celebrate commitment — from promise rings to wedding rings to wearing vials of blood around our necks. But, none of those are really forever. If you want to showcase the permanence of your relationship, then what could be a better way than injecting drops of ink into your dermis 3,000 times per minute? That’s love!

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3. Birds of a feather…

Nothing says family like matching navy blue T-shirts and white jeans in your annual family photo… right? Well, donning the same symbol as your sig-o can also make you feel like two of a kind. Think of it as a uniform that only you two wear.

4. Pain is gain

Maria Konnikova of The New Yorker reports of a study by psychologist Elliot Aronson, “[…] the more painful the experience a young woman had to go through in order to join a community, the more she valued the group.” So just think, the tighter you’re forced to squeeze your eyelids and tense your muscles from the pain of the needle, the more you’ll value that tiny XO on your wrist. And knowing that your partner in crime went through the same thing? Poof. The bond is magical.

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5. Take your love to the extremes

When you share a heightened experience with someone — bungee jumping, skydiving or even surviving a meet-the-parents dinner — that moment strengthens a personal bond between you. Getting inked together also creates a high adrenal experience that will deepen the affection you have for each other.

6. Be an open book

In an article on San Franciso’s tattoo culture,” Joshua Mohr refers to tattoos as a “visible autobiography.” He writes, “They are a time line.” Without our other (better) halves, there would be a significant void in our stories. Getting a tattoo with them only highlights the fact that they are the Romeo to our Juliet.

7. Tattoos express who you are

Tattoos are personal — thus, most people don’t just walk into a parlor and tell the tattoo artist, “Ink me up with your favorite.” No way, José. We spend months, even years, deciding on the perfect tattoo that means the most to us. The love we have for our significant others is a huge part of who we are, too. So, why not wear our hearts on our sleeves?

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