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10 Ways the #ThisGirlCan campaign will inspire you to get active

Here we are, mid-July, and all my well-intended goals for the year are long forgotten. The list of excuses is long, but one of my biggest obstacles is my lack of physical fitness. Endurance? I don’t have any. Strength? Nope, not much of that either. I’ve never been athletic.

Staying committed to a healthy level of routine fitness is difficult enough, particularly when fitness doesn’t come easy for you. But Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign aims to change that by encouraging people to get out of their excuses rut and get moving. Featuring women of all fitness levels along with motivational phrases, it’s pretty effective. It’s real, it’s honest and it reminds me that I will never actually improve my fitness level if I don’t get moving.

1. Push through the hard moments

2. Sweating means you’re doing it right

3. Active = sexy

4. Don’t worry about how you look — focus on how hard you’re working

5. There are no rules when it comes to being active

6. Slow is better than sedentary

7. Make time for yourself

8. You can overcome any challenge, if you try

9. Don’t think of it as a chore — think of it as time just for you

10. Celebrate your victories, even if it’s just a faster time than yesterday

If you need a push, too, just head to their Twitter feed and use it as inspiration to get moving.

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