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Newlyweds get married a second time because wife can’t remember the first

This sad but lovely story will be sure to break through your case of the Mondays. A couple who just got married last August is getting remarried this August because the wife can’t remember the first time.

And no, her memory loss had nothing to do with overdoing it on the pre-wedding partying. Twenty-year-old Justice Stamper from Bristol, Tennessee, was in a horrible car accident just three weeks after the newlyweds’ first nuptials. She was making a left turn on her way to her aunt’s house and got rear-ended by a car driving 50 mph, which pushed her car about 50 feet. She narrowly escaped with her life, but suffered a traumatic brain injury which left her with speech difficulties and short-term memory loss. Sadly, one of those short-term memories was her recent wedding.

Justice tried desperately to get the moment she’d been planning since she was little back by looking through wedding photos and videos, but to no avail. “It’s like going to a foreign country and not understanding what anyone is saying. It’s very confusing,” she told People. Naturally this was devastating for husband Jeremy, who met the bride at church when she was just 10 years old.

However, this dedicated new husband refused to give in to the difficult situation. He told People, “I, of course, was very upset, but I told her right then and there, ‘We will do it again.'” Now that’s a serious dose of love and dedication if I ever heard one!

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The couple plans to remarry one year from their original wedding date — Aug. 1, 2015 — but the road there has been filled with a lot more trials and tribulations than the first time around. Justice hasn’t been able to work or help plan at all because she’s still recovering from the accident. Aside from PTSD, the young bride is working on regaining her short-term memory and speech difficulties. Jeremy’s time is filled with school, his job and Justice, so he sought help to plan the second wedding of his wife’s dreams.

He started a GoFundMe Page to help offset the costs. His goal is pretty modest — he’s asking for $5,000 which he believes will allow him to comfortably pay for the wedding along with his current salary. Their first wedding was pretty intimate — just 75 people in the rustic setting of Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia — but Jeremy wants this second wedding to blow that one out of the water. He told People, “Our first wedding was beautiful and perfect,” he says, “but this time, I want Justice to truly be blown away. She really deserves it.”

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For one thing, the guest list will be much longer and will likely include several of the generous patrons who donated to their wedding fund. According to Jeremy’s recent post on the site, the ceremony guest list will be “almost limitless,” however, that won’t be the case for the reception, as they’ll have more limited space. That being said, he does wish to include as many as they can possibly manage.

While it was a close call for these high school sweethearts, it looks like they’re going to get their fairy tale ending after all. And this time, Justice plans to remember every detail, just as well as she remembers the adorable way her husband proposed to her in front of their entire congregation.

“He taped the ring underneath a bottle cap to hide it, and he was so nervous that he just gave me the entire bottle. It was so cute and so special.” It’s those little things that stay with you the longest, and hopefully after August, Justice will have many more moments like it to recall.

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