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12 Awesome gifts for your friends who love running

Anytime is a good time to give the runner in your life a gift that they will love, but with summer right in full swing, now might be the best time of all. And while you may not think of running as a gear-heavy sport, that doesn’t mean the runner in your life won’t appreciate a gift or two to help motivate her during when the going gets tough or to help push her to her push the limits.

If you’re looking for a way to show your favorite runner that you care and support their healthy choices, here are just a couple of great gift ideas to help you make sure their running season continues to go off in the right direction.

1. The Fitbit


This is currently one of the most popular fitness gadgets out there for any athlete. It is kind of like the Jetsons’ version of a pedometer.

There are several Fitbit models that range in price from $60 to $250, but of course, the more you have to spend the more features you will get.

No matter which model you choose, you can access the Fitbit app on your smartphone and automatically sync the data from the Fitbit to the app. The app also comes with the option to connect with community for greater support.

The Fitbit Zip is the most basic and least expensive model. The Zip tracks steps, distance and calories burned and is worn by being clipped to a belt, pocket, bra or sock.

Next in line is the Fitbit One, which additionally tracks sleep, or you can go for the Fitbit Flex, which offers all of these features, plus the number of active minutes in total, but also offers the convenience of as a wristband (with no digital display).

The Fitbit Charge is similar to the Fitbit Flex, but also has a digital display that comes with caller ID when linked to your smartphone. Additionally, it has a heart rate monitor.

Finally, the most expensive model is the Fitbit Surge wihch offers music and GPS as premium features.

All bands come in small, medium and large, and some models are offered in a variety of fun colors.

For any woman that runs, they’ll be sure to get a lot of use from one of these Fitbit products.

2. The Hydration Belt by Adalid Gear

Hydration belt

Sold on Amazon for $35, the Hydration Belt is perfect for runners who don’t want to stop.

The belt fits hip sizes 27 to 40 and comes in green, pink and blue. A front pouch offers a great place for cash, credit cards or accessories such as iPods and smartphones.

On each side of the belt, there is a slot for 10-ounce water bottles. The bottles are also included, and are BPA free.

3. The Mixxfit safety reflective armband

This reflective armband not only provides needed safety for women whose busy schedules or personal preferences have them running at night. Priced at $11, it’s also an inexpensive option for anyone looking to get just the right thing at an affordable price.

A long-life LED battery is easy to replace and offers up to 80 hours of illumination. All bands come in orange, but offer a variety of sizes.

4. Runbell


A great gift for the urban runner, the Runbell is modeled after the classic bicycle bell and designed to fit on any runner’s fingers. The Runbell rings out a similar familiar note that people have long associated with bicycles, helping to move people out of the way as a runner approaches.

While vocal communication may seem easy enough, if the runner in your life is pounding the track at top speed or in the middle of a sprint, shouting is out of the question as there’s no way she’ll have the breath to shout “pardon me.”

5. Delicol 6-piece sport bandanna head wrap


Another inexpensive option that most women will love, this bandanna is not only practical for keeping any runner’s hair out of her face, but will also keep her running in style. Six assorted head wraps in 15 different colors offer something for every taste. At only $13 on Amazon, this is a unique gift for women who run.

6. “Run Like a Girl” Tee from CafePress

Run like a girl

CafePress sells this comfy tee with a message for strong women for only $20. Made of 100 percent cotton, the tee comes in sizes that range from small to 2X because women of all sizes run (add $3 for size 2X).

CafePress also sells other apparel with the same message, such as hats and sweatshirts.

7. ViewSPORT shirts

ViewSPORT shirt

As seen on Shark Tank, ViewSPORT shirts utilize sweat-activated technology that allows their clothing to reveal a hidden message as a runner sweats.

These shirts turn “perspiration into motivation” as they force a runner to work harder in an attempt to sweat more to get the message to show up… and once it does, it’ll keep them motivated to keep going.

8. Under Armour Cold Gear printed half zip

Under Armour Cold Gear

Spring can still be chilly, so treat that special lady to Under Armour’s Cold Gear half zip (or anything from the Cold Gear line such as socks, gloves and hats). This half-zip long-sleeve shirt is lightweight and designed with polyester and elastene for a snug fit that wicks away sweat.

The half zip comes in a variety of colors and from sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. It retails for $41 at Under Armour’s website.

9. HoMedics Shiatsu foot massager

HoMedics Shiatsu foot massager

After a long run, what runner wouldn’t like a great foot massage? The Shiatsu foot massager from HoMedics features rolling massage heads paired with heat that make feet forget that they ever ran.

This sells for $50 at Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB typically has 20-percent-off coupons, making this even more affordable); it’s cheaper than a spa day, but still gives the gift of comfort and relaxation.

10. TheraSqueeze foot and calf massager

Foot and calf massager

If you have the extra funds to truly spoil your friend, mom or sweetie, you might want to consider the TheraSqueeze foot and calf massager from Brookstone.

Calves can feel tight and achy just like feet, and the rejuvenation this massager will offer might just help that runner in your life to keep going.

At $350, you’ll be giving the gift of pure bliss.

11. VersatX sports bra

Sports Bra by VersatX

Image: Amazon

Women know that support is essential in a sports bra when they run. The breathable fabric with support for even full-busted women leaves no question about why Runner’s World voted the VersatX as one of the best bras out there for runners. The VersatX can be purchased at a variety of online retailers such as eBay, Amazon and Zappos.

12. Running sneakers

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 16

Image: Amazon

Every runner knows that a great pair of sneakers makes all the difference, and since a runner should always look to replace their running shoes every 300 to 500 miles, there’s a good chance that this would make a great gift for any runner that regularly likes to run. Plus, as a runner, you can never have too many sneakers.

A couple of running sneakers that you may want to consider buying as a gift:

  • Nike’s Free 5.0 running sneakers start at around $70 and are lightweight, flexible but with some cushioning, making them a great choice for runners looking to transition to a more minimalist shoe.
  • Ryka Illusion 2.0 are currently going for $54 and offer great cushioning for beginners who are looking to ramp up the miles on their run. They’re also water- and stain-resistant, making them great for some light off-trail running.
  • Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 16 starts at $90 and have the benefit of being both stylish (check the snazzy hot pink) as well as providing great arch support. These sneakers are built to last and are sure to help the runner in your life max out their running ability.

If you haven’t had time to think about the perfect gift for that runner in your life, this list should give you some good ideas. With the range of prices and places to buy, there are plenty of great gifts that will keep the runner(s) in your life hydrated, safe and running in style and comfort. Now, go! Run out and get something nice!

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