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11 Grandmas that prove age is just a number

There’s nothing like seeing a grandma defying the stereotypes of her age. It shows there should be no stigmas around getting older, especially when a grandma achieves something few 20-year-olds can.

1. Granny vs. water

Did anyone else go, “No, there’s no way they’re actually go to spray her with that… ahhhh!” Yeah, me too. There’s no way I’d be OK in that situation, much less smiling at the end of it. Way to go, Nexcare, for showing us the power of Grandma.

2. Grandma Baddie owning the slip ‘n’ slide

I would give that slide at least a nine on the slip ‘n’ slide scale.

3. Granny dancing like a pro to Usher

Um…I’ve never danced this well in my life, and I went to a performing arts camp. Usher better watch his back.

4. Harriette Thompson becomes oldest granny to finish a marathon

She’s 92 and she ran 26.2 miles! I’ve officially been granny-shamed twice.

5. Yvonne, the 86-year-old ice skater granny

She trains for an hour a day every day, and has since she was 16. I have no words.

6. D.J. Master granny

Ruth Flowers decided to become a D.J. when she was 68. Now, she tours as a world-famous D.J. at 72, and people of all ages go wild for her.

7. Power lifting granny

This is just crazy. 77-year-old Willie Murphy can dead-lift 215 pounds, and competes in weight-lifting competitions regularly.

8. The incredible drummer grandma

Did you see those sick stick spins? I’d definitely want her in my dream band.

9. 99-Year-old building climber

Image: Imgur

She does this for fun! I watch Netflix for fun. Really puts things in perspective.

10. Tattooed at 83

Image: Imgur

And her tattoo’s about loving her grand kids! Can we say, “awww”?

11. Another 83-year-old who loves skydiving

Image: Imgur

I’ve completely lost count of how many things grannies have done that I’d be too scared to. This one tops them all, literally.

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