Woman with 2 vaginas speaks out about the experience

Jun 24, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. ET

Ladies, if you’re the type (and aren’t we all?) to moan and groan about the trials and tribulations of being a woman dealing with the standard womanly parts, you may think twice next time you start to complain during that time of the month. Cassandra Bankson, best known for her YouTube beauty channel DiamondsAndHeels14, announced to her 790,000 subscribers, along with the rest of cyberspace, that a trip to the doctor regarding lower back pain resulted in the rare, not to mention fascinating, discovery that the young woman has only one kidney but two — yes, two — vaginas, wombs and cervices.

While I’m sure the 22-year-old’s makeup tips are on point (she is a model, after all) and her discussions on how to deal with bullying and severe acne are heartfelt, curious minds need to know more about this double vagina situation. As a result, Bankson has been taking full advantage of her social platform to talk about her rare condition with her followers.

“Maybe there are other people out there who are dealing with this and feel embarrassed, or alone, or weird or different and it’s just a medical anomaly," she tells Daily Mail. “I guess my life is a little public on here. It's kind of my way of therapy I guess.”

Classified as “uterus didelphys,” this rare condition develops as a result of the uterus growing two small tubes as opposed to one. This means Mother Nature is extra friendly with Bankson, who experiences two period cycles a month, which she confirms “sucks.” Uh, yeah, I would think so! Although these periods can come at the same time, for Bankson, they come one right after the other. Basically she has one very, very long period cycle.

“'Ever since I was younger I would go to the doctor because I was bleeding for 28 days or I would have two periods a month — but they never suspected I had a second vagina,” Bankson says. “I always had really bad cramps — I could not move or my bowels would just not want to behave because the cramps were so bad.” Someone, give this girl a hug.

Bankson admits to Daily Mail that she would describe her past sexual activities as “traumatic” and that reproduction is not something she is overly focused on at this point, stating, “I have always been open to adoptions and other options.”

Being in the public eye throughout her diagnosis and dealing with her condition, questions had inevitably arisen from viewers. Bankson took to her YouTube channel Saturday to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, such as, does this condition cause her chronic acne (no), what does it look like (a regular ol’ vagina) and will two Pap smears be necessary (yes)?

Though social media may have its many pros and cons, Bankson hopes that by opening up to the public about her condition, others who suffer from uterus didelphys may come forward, able to answer any questions she may have or, if not, at least she is able to inform others of this medical anomaly.

My heart truly goes out to Bankson, especially considering if I discovered I had two vaginas and had a period that lasted up to three weeks, I would be an emotional wreck. Bankson, however, has accepted her condition and is handling it with grace. Upon her diagnosis, Bankson recalls opening up the conversation about her condition with her mother by announcing, “Guess what, Mom. I'm twice the woman.” That you are, Ms. Bankson.