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New glow condoms will light up at the sign of an STD

Condoms are supposed to protect us during sex from both STDs and from unintentional pregnancy. But we all know there is nothing that is 100 percent fail safe if partners are not honest with one another. Luckily, two young teens have found a solution.

The condom is specifically designed to help people at home detect what disease they have so they do not give it to a partner. But it might be good to have on hand just in case in your own home as well.

The condom uses a built-in indicator that changes to a different color depending on the bacteria or infection it detects. It is supposed to glow green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for human papillomavirus or blue for syphilis.

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The truth is, in a world where casual sex is still a thing, it would be nice to have this extra safeguard. Even better, it’s a chance for people to take responsibility for their own health in a private way that can avoid the embarrassment that arises when the health center is the only option.

The fact that teens invented it is also heartening. Imagine if the next generation took responsibility for their sexual health. Imagine if it was normal to be open and to talk about sex and STDs and all the potential trouble that can arise from sex. When I was 13, I am pretty sure I was still giggling when the word “sex” was spoken. And these kids are changing the world.

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This isn’t going to stop the spread of STDs entirely. But it’s an extra layer of protection and no one can argue that’s not a welcome change. The ingenuity here is inspiring. Let’s hope this ends up a staple of every drugstore condom aisle.

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