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Woman smuggles drugs inside her breasts

If you are no longer surprised at the different, not to mention often ridiculous, ways people are coming up with to smuggle drugs into other countries, you may want to sit down for this one. According to NBC News, a 22-year-old Honduran woman by the name of Paola Deyanira Sabillon was arrested at the Bogota airport in Colombia Friday for attempting to smuggle 3.3 pounds of liquid cocaine to Barcelona, Spain, in her — drum roll — breast implants.

Yes, you read that correctly. Drug dealers now have females smuggling substances via breast implants.

I’m not sure whether we should be more concerned or impressed by the failed attempt, because it seems as though Sabillon would most likely have made it through security inspections if not for her apparent nervous behavior. The strategy was clever; the guinea pig clearly was not.

To be honest, it is not surprising at this point that smuggling drugs from one location to another has become more often successful than not. Illegal as it may be, there is no denying such tactics have become quite creative.

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Police told NBC that Sabillon’s X-rays displayed a recent surgery on the woman’s breast, which led to the young woman ultimately confessing to authorities that an unknown substance had been implanted into her breasts and that she was instructed to deliver it to Barcelona. An interesting vacation activity, no?

Sabillon’s surgery took place at a clandestine (illegal) clinic in Pereira, located in western Colombia. Shocker. The implants were removed at the Bogota hospital where the young woman is currently being treated for an infection.

It is unclear whether or not the drugs were forced upon the young woman, but if that is in fact the case, my heart goes out to her. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and in this case, Sabillon’s health was at risk all for the sake of drug trafficking. That in itself is a crime.

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