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Check out what these exes say when hooked up to a lie detector (WATCH)


Are there questions you would love to ask your significant other, but don’t for fear of their response? Well, if you break up with them, that fear will be gone and all bets will be off, apparently. At least, that’s what happened with these former couples when they were hooked up to a lie detector.

Elite Daily set up a video experiment where they strapped two exes to a lie detector machine and asked them those big relationship questions that we all wonder but rarely ever bring up. The results are altogether hilarious, surprising, sad, and dare I say, hopeful?

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The most fascinating thing about this experiment was how the exes started to put up their guards as the questions begin to hit what they’re currently feeling about each other. Suddenly, exes who had no problem telling the simple (and often hurtful) truth before tried to get a lie past the detector. This happened several times over — former couples appeared to be trying to cover up lingering feelings for the other that may never have come out otherwise. Here’s how the whole experiment went down:

One of my favorite moments is right at the beginning when all the guys (except one) admitted that they saw marriage as a possibility with their ex-girlfriend. Even the one who didn’t was lying, according to the lie detector. However, they also all wanted to sleep with their ex’s friends while they were dating, so no one deserves an “aw” yet.

A not so surprising response from the girlfriends is that they all snuck peeks at their ex’s texts and emails. I will fully admit that curiosity has gotten the better of me on more than one occasion, and I don’t have one friend who hasn’t done the same with their sig-o. Of course, the biggest surprise was that all the boyfriends admitted to still being in love with their former girlfriends. While the feeling wasn’t mutual in most cases, the experiment ended with a promising-looking dinner date for one ex couple.

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Aside from loving the responses, I thought this experiment was such great therapy for these former lovers. They didn’t feel the pressure to lie as much because they were no longer protecting a relationship. In fact, I can’t think of a better way to get closure with an ex than finally getting to bring those big relationship questions out into the open. However, I think I’d add a few more to the list to make it truly comprehensive.

Lie detector questions for my ex

1. Do you think that our sex life got boring?

2. Did you flirt with girls online regularly while we were dating?

3. Were you really telling me the truth every time you told me I didn’t look fat?

4. Did your friends think we’d end up together?

5. Do you actually like my parents?

6. What made you want to date me more? My personality or my body?

7. Was the reason you wanted to break up the real reason?

8. Did you ever want to get back together after we broke up?

Feel free to add more ex questions in the comments below. I think we could easily come up with a 100-question list that might totally transform how we deal with relationships that ended. Now all I need to do is find a lie detector on eBay…

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