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Couples are broadcasting their lives on the internet 24/7

While many enjoy watching shows in which you see the “reality” of people’s day-to-day lives, few of us would probably want to experience it first hand. However, these 10 couples have opted to do just that, except instead of only showing us the dramatic moments, their lives are viewable 24/7.

This is a whole new level of voyeurism of which I didn’t realize our society was capable. The site that provides literal views into the apartments of several couples all day, every day is called RealLifeCam. And unlike The Truman Show, the premise of which was so unethical to me it was almost distracting, these couples have agreed to open up their private lives for public viewing.

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If you go to the site, you’ll notice the names of several different couples that you can click on for a glimpse into various areas of their apartments. While the cameras in the kitchens and living rooms are often marked green, which means anyone can watch them without paying, there are several areas marked in red which means they are off limits, unless of course, you fork over $30.

So unlike in The Truman Show and EdTV, where bathroom stuff and sexy stuff was off limits (mostly), this website offers you a key to those “closed doors” for a pretty reasonable price. You can either become a standard member for $29.95, which allows you access to those locked doors for 30 days, or you can opt for the upgrade to premium membership. Premium membership cost $44.95 for 30 days, and gives you all access to the “premium only” couples, one of which is a polyamorous couple. You can also have five real live cams open at the same time, which I assume is for all those ADD voyeurs out there.

According to the website, this uncensored voyeurism is legal, because a) the couples agreed to it, and b) it’s an Eastern European site. It can’t really be classified as porn because most of the time nothing pornographic is happening. Remember, the cameras look into the couples’ real-life apartments, and that means they’re mostly doing mundane things like watching TV or making dinner. However, the open access to what normally goes on behind closed doors seems to be what’s most appealing to internet voyeurs.

In fact, there’s a whole niche of porn dedicated to this private life viewing. It’s kind of ironic to think that now that so much of our lives happen online, people are choosing to watch real-life interactions to get off. As if we’ve forgotten what that looks like.

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While I know it’s a far cry from this, I sort of understand the inclination. My fiancé and I spend so much of our time together in the virtual world on our various devices, that when someone forgets to bring their phone out to dinner, it feels like a jarring amount of face-to-face engagement. That was a pretty terrifying reality, so we’ve started making certain times of day “internet-free time.”

It’s not easy and does sort of feel like internet therapy, but I think it’s much more preferable to searching for “real life” on the internet to make up for what we’re missing. That being said, if celebrities choose to put their lives on television for money, I have no problem watching them and making fun of their ridiculous behavior. But hey, I do the same with the penguins at the zoo.

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