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Man deals with bad breakup by cutting everything in half


Breakups are difficult. There is no doubt about that. But one German man found a hilarious way to deal with them that may solve all court cases on property division going forward: He sawed everything in half.

The video of the saw-fest is in German, but at the beginning, it says:”Thank you for 12 beautiful years.” The car, their chairs, even her iPhone. See below:

It’s impossible to know what really went down in this relationship and I won’t pretend to. I also won’t pretend like it’s not a great fantasy to do something like this. Everyone handles heartbreak differently. On the other hand, it’s pretty crazy. Whether she cheated on him or broke his heart or did whatever to him, this seems extreme.

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As someone who has broken up with my fair share of guys — and not always in the most mature, polite way — I can say break ups rarely happen well. Otherwise you’d be staying together, right? Also true: They are very rarely just one person’s fault. This is true even in divorce. Your woman cheated? Well, isn’t it possible something was missing? Isn’t it possible you were neglecting her needs in some way? Your man flirted too much with other women? Maybe there was something you could have provided, something he needed, that you ignored.

Yes, there are cads. And there are women who will cheat no matter what. But very often, there are a series of things that have to go wrong before a couple splits. And both parties are responsible for that.

So when I see elaborate break up revenge stories or cheating revenge, I always take a step back. Does the other party really deserve this? Or is that crazy, impulsive, vindictive behavior part of the reason for the break up in the first place?

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This is funny, sure. And in the end, no one was really harmed. It could always be worse. On the other hand, I would guess this is a part of the reason Laura ended things in the first place. And honesty? I don’t really blame her. I would have taken half my car and run, too.

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