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8 Reasons you should sign up for a Beyoncé dance class

I feel most confident when I’m dancing. Typically my mornings begin with me putting on some power tunes and pounding that pavement like it’s my own personal runway, mouthing the lyrics and thinking to myself, “Yas queen!”

If you’re like me and you want to add more power to that strut, or even just straight-up want to learn the moves of the one and only Mrs. Knowles-Carter, then you’re in luck. Beyography classes have hit, so now you can channel your inner-Bey once a week.

Nicky Nasrallah has been teaching his two-hour Beyography class at Elevation Dancentre Studio in Toronto, Ontario, on Wednesday afternoons for more than a year. Now we’re telling you why you have to attend.

1. This class will introduce you to your potential new bestie.

Image: Dose

Clearly any new friends you make should be just as obsessed with Beyoncé’s moves as you are and equally dedicated to mastering them.

2. Because the gym just isn’t your thing.

Image: BuzzFeed

What a lot of people don’t realize is how many of Beyoncé’s dance routines focus on her hips, squats and sexy movements. So while you’re channeling your inner-Bey, you’re also getting a great workout.

3. It will give you an excuse to wear some slick gear.

Image: Celebuzz

Gym clothes don’t have to be frumpy. Before you head out to your dance class, grab something that channels your inner Beyoncé, and we’re sure she’ll be sending her approval no matter where she is.

4. Sometimes it’s good to go out and just laugh at yourself.

Image: Giphy

Even if you’re terrible at dancing, coordination or both, the whole point of the class is to be active and to have fun. Nicky, the teacher of Beyography, has said he wants everyone to feel like they can be a part of these classes no matter their skill level.

5. You’ll get an instant boost in confidence.

Image: BuzzFeed

Many people really want to learn how to dance but oftentimes allow fear, anxiety or apprehension to stop them. By taking this class alone or with a friend, you’ll build your self-confidence. Three cheers for the power of Bey!

6. You’ll get the opportunity to express yourself.

Image: BuzzFeed

This is an excellent way to express courage and grace and to change the ideals of body image, but also to feel better connected to all of your body.

7. Because new challenges are good challenges!

Image: BuzzFeed

Doing something scary, uncomfortable or outside your comfort zone can always be a bit weird at first, but sometimes it can be entirely rewarding too. By signing up for the Beyography class, not only are you getting the opportunity to learn new dance moves, but you’re also challenging yourself to something you’ve never done before. Sometimes it’s OK to make yourself feel totally ridiculous!

8. Because Beyoncé, obviously.

Image: BuzzFeed

The final but most important reason of all: You get to dance and listen to Beyoncé during this two-hour class, and honestly, what other reason do you need besides that? Break out a happy dance!

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