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Groom’s drunken lap dance for his bride is a total cringe-fest


I am in the process of planning my wedding, and I absolutely don’t expect everything to go perfectly. However, that being said, if my fiancee pulls what this groom did in this video, he will wake up to find himself minus a bride.

Now I can understand a groom being so nervous on his wedding day, that once all the vows have been said, and the formalities are over, he lets loose a bit with his friends. I too have every intention of having a few drinks at my own wedding, but I would never forgive myself if I got so drunk, I started giving my new husband a lap dance on the dance floor.

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And that’s not even as bad as this particular drunk groom gets. The video starts off innocent enough — it’s that traditional moment in a wedding where the groom takes off his bride’s garter belt so he can throw it to his single friends. This moment does tend to get a little raunchy, because the bride is wearing the garter on her upper thigh. In fact, every time I’ve seen the tradition performed, the groom pulls the garter off with his teeth, which is needless to say, a tad salacious. However, that’s not what makes this video so hard to watch — it’s the fact that the groom can’t do this simple thing, because he’s so wasted.

Note: This video has since been removed by the owner.

You can’t watch but the best/worst part of the whole five minute-long ordeal is the background song “Danger Zone”. It’s so apropos it’s not even funny, because that’s exactly where this groom’s drunken behavior is putting him. His poor bride is obviously seething under her stoney expression, and may be the only person who wants the moment to be over more than I do. I’m betting their honeymoon was anything but sweet.

However, this is far from the only instance of drunken newlywed behavior caught on film. Here are a few more that further prove you should set a hard limit for yourself (and your spouse) before diving into your wedding day festivities.

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1. Groom destroys his own wedding cake
I have absolutely no words for this. Okay I have two — stupid idiot.

2. The drunk bride slutty dance
So the idea of dancing for your groom is nice, but when it turns into a sexy number that involves multiple partners, I’d be a little concerned who she’s spending the night with if I were him. However, I have to give her props — she’s definitely got some hot moves, and could probably make it in Vegas.

3. Groom’s bartop striptease

Okay, so I know it’s not terribly appropriate consider the occasion, but he’s not embarrassing anyone (except himself), and he does keep the striptease PG for the most part. I would not necessarily object to this if it happens at my wedding, as long as it’s short-lived.

4. Bride can’t stop laughing during the vows
This is why wedding planners tell you to only have one glass of champagne before the wedding. Pretty sure this bride had more than that, because her groom’s little slip up has her cackling uncontrollably. However, everyone seems to be finding her giggle session funny, so I suppose it’s not a wedding-ruining moment.

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