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10 Reactions your sig-o has when you’re negative about your body


When it comes to body confidence in the bedroom, worrying about your back fat is the last thing on a man’s mind.

In a culture stuck on the idea of “perfection” and constant images of surgeries that make women “look sexy,” it’s easy to get caught up on what makes a man tick in the bedroom. The body gets worked during sex in ways that makes everything hang all out. The less confident and concerned partner will hold back because of all the extra gush, but trust me, your partner isn’t thinking about that.

Honestly, your extra side boob meat is like dessert for your lover, not a burden. I decided to put together some honest yet hilarious reactions partners tend to have when it comes to our negativity toward our bodies before, during and after sex.

1. “I just feel so heavy.” 



2)   “Sorry. My butt is just too big!”



3)   “My breasts are weird”


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4)   “Can I shower first?”



5)   “I’m on my period.”



6)   “Do I look fat?”

Ryan gosling

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7)   “This belly has gotta go!” 


Image: Reddit

8)   “Are my thighs in the way?”



9)   “I need to gain/lose weight.” 

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10) “Is my body different than what you’re used to at all?” 



Men are not worried about any of the same stuff we judge against ourselves and our bodies. Your partner loves the extra thigh meat, back fat and belly pouch because they are part of who you are. Every sexual position is a wonderland and obsessing about what might be wrong with your body kills that mood more often than not. Women are too quick to look at our bodies as the problem when really it’s our self-confidence that just needs a boost.

We have to remember to love ourselves and accept the realness of the female body for what it is among all of female kind. They don’t call em’ love handles for nothing.

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