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6 Tricks for working out on rainy days

Rainy days are too prefect for burying under the covers and sleeping late. If the sun’s not out, neither are you, right? Wrong. As much of a fitness buff as I credit myself to be, waking up in the morning to gray clouds and water molecules streaking down my window pane is enough to make me skip the morning routine. But, there are goals to be met. Rain, rain may not go away, but you won’t have to wait another day to conquer your workout.

1. Set multiple alarms

Set alarms on your phone in increments of 10 minutes. That way, if you decide to hit snooze, no big deal — you’ll be hearing it again soon enough. If you are one to hit snooze not once but twice, maybe even three times, place your phone on your desk, dresser, etc. — anywhere that is out of reach so you won’t be tempted to hit snooze. Even if the thought crosses your mind, you’ll be out of bed already. Might as well get the day started.

 2. Pack your running shoes in your gym bag and leave out your rain boots

If you spot raindrops in the forecast the night before your AM workout, take the time to pack up your gym bag before bed. Pack away your gym shoes and strategically place your rain boots at the foot of your bed. That way, you‘ll remind yourself that you are prepared for the weather and can‘t make the “but I don‘t know where my rain boots are“ excuse. We’ve all used it.

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 3. Hang your umbrella from your doorknob

Purchase an umbrella with fun patterns and colors to brighten your stroll through drips and puddles. Hang the umbrella from your doorknob the night before as another little reminder that rain drops are just water. You will not melt and it will not wash out your motivation unless you give it the power to do so.

 4. Invest in a lightweight rain jacket (because, shopping)

Especially when the weather gets nice, I prefer to skip the treadmill and perform my cardio on solid ground. Obviously, heavy storms are a different story — but if you are dealing with a light, steady rain, there’s no better way than to be one with nature than taking a jog through the drops. Use this as an excuse to go shopping and invest in a lightweight, nylon rain jacket to hang from the footboard of your bed or at the front of your closet for rainy days.

 5. Create a rainy-day playlist to rock out to while you work out

Music can take any workout and kick it into high gear, no matter the circumstances, but you’ll need even more of a high energy beat to pump you through the gray-cloud lull. And remember: Make it fun. When the beat speeds up, so do you. When the tempo slows down, take a bit of a breather. Let the music be your guide.

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 6. Have an alternative

OK, so it’s raining and you despise driving to the gym in the rain and there is absolutely no way you’re setting foot outside. Fair enough. There are so many at-home alternatives for when Mother Nature just isn’t on your side. Invest in a yoga mat and a wide range of workout DVDs (or create a free YouTube playlist!) that provide you with plenty of routines — dabbling from yoga to Pilates and even weight training and cardio — and perform them in the comfort of your home.

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