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Rainy day wedding photos will make every bride hope it pours (PHOTOS)


People always tell brides it is “good luck” when it rains on their wedding day. Secretly, I’ve always suspected that was just a way to quell the disappointment. But what if rain actually did make things better? Photographer Kamila Harris took a beautiful series of rainy day wedding photos that will make everyone start to do a little rain dance before their big day.

Forget bridezilla. Harris told Huffington Post that this bride just laughed off the rain. And why not? Look at the photos she got:

“Stephanie and Max, your wedding was an adventure beyond my wildest dreams. I have never seen a bride smile so hard in the pouring rain,” Harris said. And that’s the way it should be. No one can control the weather. But we can control our reaction to it. Use it. Make it work for us. Why not?

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Twelve years ago, it rained on my wedding day. I’d spent the entire year worrying about it and was horribly disappointed when I saw the weather forecast. It meant the ceremony had to be inside and none of the outdoor space could be used. But now? I couldn’t care less. We had fun anyway.

From a photographer’s perspective, something a little unique makes things more exciting. A bride with her shoes off splashing through puddles and grinning is more visually exciting than a dour-faced bride sad about the rain. It is actually even more fun and original than a bride smiling in the sunshine.

So embrace whatever weather comes on your big day. I guarantee some of the best memories of your wedding will be the ones made from “mistakes” or “curveballs.” It’s really all good when you are linking yourself to your love for life. Nothing can really go wrong.

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