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Gemporia introduces the perfect engagement ring for the jealous guy

If your fiancé has a jealous nature you might want to ask a few questions about your engagement ring. U.K. jeweller Steve Bennett has designed the first prototype of a ring that doubles as a tracking device.

It looks like any other sparkler but has a tiny bluetooth chip slotted between the rock and the silver setting.

As the CEO of Gemporia, Bennett is accustomed to providing loved-up couples with beautiful engagement rings. He claims that the primary purpose of the GPS tracking technology in his latest creation is to protect against theft and loss. But it also makes it possible to know the exact location of the wearer at all times and the company plans to market it as a “fidelity ring.”

The tracking ring comes in two designs (because the element of choice is always important when it comes to engagement rings, even those that track your every move): a square-cut diamond with an eight-pronged silver setting and a violet marquise-cut diamond with a square setting.

“The idea came to me as I was thinking of ways to ensure the safe-keeping of jewellery,” Bennett told the Daily Mail. “Our collections include some highly valuable pieces and some added insurance is of course always welcome. However, the most important factor was witnessing the devastation of people who have misplaced their jewellery or had it stolen. In many cases the sentimental value of treasured pieces far outweighs any monetary worth and I wanted to do anything and everything I could to prevent this.

“One thing lead to another and the concept of an un-loseable ring was born,” he continued. “However, after speaking to our customers we saw there was an appetite for his and her versions which sparked the idea of a trackable ring for couples.”

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Nobody wants to lose a piece of jewellery as special as an engagement ring but there’s something about the “fidelity ring” that’s a little creepy, no? In the hands of someone who’s possessive, jealous and insecure surely it could cause more trouble than it prevents.

“We aren’t being deceptive about this,” Bennett insisted. “We know the fidelity ring won’t be for everyone but we’re still really excited about it. The implications are limitless. This could be the end to baseless jealousy and unfair accusations; this ring could safeguard the institution of marriage. And as an added bonus, these rings also have clear safety benefits. With GPS installed in your jewellery, the chances of getting them back if they’re lost or stolen increases ten-fold.”

The best part of this story has to be the potential for keeping other precious things safe: our children. Bennett confirmed that the company is already considering the potential to design children’s jewellery with tracking technology installed.

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