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3 Ways exercise will revitalize your relationship

After spending 10 hours in front of a computer screen, dealing with your demanding boss, cramming yourself onto an overcrowded, slow and often smelly commuter train and rushing home to make dinner, chances are whoever’s waiting at home is not getting the best version of you. Usually at the end of the day we’re left with low energy, low patience and a low libido. Let’s face it, even the hottest, healthiest, happiest and most compatible of relationships go through hard times. Sometimes things are smooth, life is easy and the love juices are flowing.

Other times though, stress piles on, fatigue creeps up and those love juices take a back seat to to-do lists, exhaustion and old reruns of Seinfeld. But before you go writing checks to therapists or filling prescriptions at the pharmacy in attempt to improve things at home, there’s another easy solution to help liven things up. Simply, exercise more! It might seem counterintuitive to add another box to check off the list, but hitting the gym a few days a week is time well spent. It’s true, those who are more active are proven to have healthier, happier and more fulfilling relationships!

1. It’s a mood booster

When we’re feeling down, stressed or generally grumpy, time at home is often tense, testy and distant to say the least. Did you know moderate exercise improves our mood within just five minutes? Pretty impressive, huh? Physical activity boosts our happy chemicals, known as endorphins, reduces our stress hormones, known as cortisol, and gives us an all-around feeling of happiness, known as a “runner’s high.”

And, its euphoric feeling isn’t just a short-term fix; regular activity is shown to have a long-term influence on depression and various other mood disorders. Additionally, research indicates those who exercise more often have an easier time handling stressful and anxious situations. The science behind this is: Exercise elicits a similar response from the body as anxiety; think elevated heart rate and heavy perspiration. Regular workouts are seen as exposure treatment, teaching people to associate the physiological response with something positive (i.e. exercise) as opposed to something negative (i.e. fearful situations).

2. It’s a confidence booster

Life is full of good days and bad. Some days we wake up feeling like Oscar winners; strutting through life as if there’s a red carpet beneath our feet and photographers begging for our photograph. Other days we feel more like Oscar the Grouch, dodging the pieces of garbage life hurls at us, and begging for a tin can to hide out in, forever. The difference between the “trophy days” and the “trash days” often comes down to confidence.

Yes, confidence plays a huge role in the quality of our lives and thus our relationships. The easiest and most effective way to increase confidence is to… yup, you guessed it… hit the gym! Regular activity gives us a sense of accomplishment and strength (inside and out). It makes us feel competent, powerful and sexy! Not only do these confident qualities help us function at a higher level both at work and at home, they also make us horny! That’s right, confidence is proven to be one of the most potent aphrodisiacs, leading to more T.L.C in B.E.D. Heck, we might even want to start keeping the lights on from time to time… can I get a “hallelujah?”

3. It’s a sexuality booster

Working out doesn’t just increase our sexual desires mentally, it is also proven to have physiological effects on our nether regions, as well, causing us to physically feel hornier, more often. You heard me, experts insist that regular sweat sessions increase blood flow throughout the whole body, including the flow to our lady bits. This doesn’t just mean more desire, it also equates to climaxing quicker and even more intense orgasms. So forget all those bedside bells and whistles, just hit the gym and don’t be surprised if your post-workout stretches start taking place between the sheets.

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