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8 Shower sex survival tips for couples who dare to perfect it

Shower sex is one of those things that always sounds better than it really is … after all, there are so many ways for it to go wrong. Done right, however, it could be some of the hottest sex you’ve ever had — as long as that’s not literal. I mean, watch the spray temperature, am I right? Here are eight tips for surviving shower sex.

Shower sex tips

1. Temperature

Yes, shower sex can be hot — but it shouldn’t be too hot. Agree on the temperature before getting naked and getting it on, lest your wet fantasy sex turn into a squabble on par with who gets to control the remote.

2. Mind the doors

If you have glass doors, make sure your passion doesn’t knock you into them. The goal here is getting off, not getting impaled.

3. Avoid slipping

Use an anti-slip shower mat on the bottom of the tub so that you don’t slip while getting frisky. There is really nothing like a broken hip to derail your enjoyment.

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4. Rotate, rotate, rotate

The big problem with shower sex is that one person will get the majority of the spray, leaving the other person out in the cold, literally. But the person under the spray is the one who will have to keep his or her eyes shut (especially if that person wears contacts) and is more likely to swallow water. Try to trade places now and again so one person isn’t shivering and the other isn’t spurting water out of the nose.

Or take the suggestion of Kimberly Dawn Neumann, coauthor of Sex Comes First: 15 Ways to Save Your Relationship without Leaving the Bedroom: “If you are thinking of showering a deux, consider a little shower prep… turn on the shower to a hot temperature and close the door before you both head in there to steam up the bathroom… that way, even if one partner finds themselves out of the steady stream of water, they won’t be chilled when you’re trying to make things sizzle.”

5. Use body wash with caution

Just like the anti-slip bath mat, you will want to be careful here about slippage. While you’re ecstatically pouring body wash and oil on your significant other’s love bits, remember that most of it is ending up on the shower floor, and even with a bath mat, that could mean danger. Keep the lube to a minimum.

6. But do lube

While you don’t lube up so much that you can no longer stand safely, do make sure to lube up, as water can actually dry out the vayjay and make penetration difficult or even painful. Sex coach John Wilder, author of Sex Education for Adults: Secrets to Amazing Sex and Happily Ever After Too, says, “Water introduced into the vagina dilutes a woman’s natural lubricating secretions which [can] result in painful intercourse.” Wilder suggests skipping the penetration and trying oral sex in the shower.

7. Don’t drop the soap, or anything for that matter

Just like in prison, you want to keep that soap in hand, lest you drop it and someone slips on it and falls — sensing a theme here?

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8. Keep the door locked

If you think slippage or glass doors is the biggest passion deflater that can happen with shower sex, you’d be wrong — that honor goes to kids, roommates, parents or pets who decide they need to check out what those funny noises are coming from the bathroom — or just need to take a pee. Lock the door, and make sure kids know Mommy and Daddy are not to be disturbed (you know how they loooove to interrupt bathroom time).

While this is all beginning to sound more awkward than arousing, relationship coach Rebecca Wong thinks that’s the whole point. She enthuses, “I love shower intercourse precisely because it can be awkward and good clean fun (pun intended). The awkwardness of doing it in the shower can often be exactly what couples need to lighten the mood. I mean, who wants sex to be uptight? The more couples learn to play during sex (during every interaction, really) the more intimate their relationship becomes.”

So get in that shower and have some frisky fun — just be careful!

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