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Whole world searches for newlyweds to give them a beautiful wedding photo

When Canadian businessman and amateur photographer Saber Miresmailli saw a just-married couple kissing in front of Tower Bridge he couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

The spontaneous shot, taken from a moving car with no flash, turned out to be an incredibly stunning photograph and Miresmailli decided to try to track down the couple to present it to them as a wedding gift.

His search began with a post on his personal Facebook page on May 31: 

“A request to the Facebook Nation: I was on a moving car in London , UK on May 16, 2015 around 8PM when I saw this lovely couple. They were alone and I didn’t see any photographer with them. I managed to shoot this picture with them and the London Bridge in the back ground. I have the high quality picture and I love to find them and give it to them as a gift […] Do you think you can share this and help me find them? Thanks!”

From then the force of social media took over, resulting in the post being shared over 290,000 times across the world, and within days the mystery couple were revealed to be Laura Demack and James Egan, who were on honeymoon in Bali and blissfully unaware of the viral attention they were getting.

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According to the Daily Express one of Laura and James’ wedding guests saw the picture on Facebook and identified the couple.

It turned out that there was a wedding photographer present but at the magical moment Miresmailli took his picture she had an issue with her lens and wasn’t looking at the couple. (She’s actually the shadow on the left of Miresmailli’s shot.) 

The newlyweds arrived home from Bali to find that their married life had got off to a rather unique start: loads of media attention and the admiration of hundreds of thousands of complete strangers from all over the globe.

Video credit: ITV London

Laura and James now have the image (hopefully in a beautiful frame on their wall) and took the time to thank their unknown photographer, posting on his Facebook page: “Saber Miresmailli can’t thank you enough for capturing such an amazing photo for us on our Wedding Day, it’s beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to find us we are overwhelmed by the response it’s had.”

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