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Man takes down anti-feminist website after crass tweet about him

A man’s beautiful wedding moment was stolen by an anti-feminist Twitter account to make a crass and disturbing meme. But the groom took it in stride, responding in a way that proves love really does conquer all.

23-year-old Adam Harris, a journalist and writer, shared images from his September 2014 wedding on Instagram with sweet captions and loving thoughts. One of them was the beautiful shot the photographer captured as he saw his bride Tisa for the first time. Tears welled in his eyes. The moment is romantic, beautiful, and intimate. See below: 

So sweet, right? It’s just the kind of thing all brides want to see. But then, the horrible twitter account “meninist “picked it up to create this rude meme:

Harris had every right to get mad, right? Who wouldn’t? But instead of getting mad, Harris did one better. See his response below:

It’s perfect. Why should he be angry? The person to feel sorry for isn’t the one who is spending the rest of his life with the person he loves. It’s the person angry enough to think that tweet is funny. And when someone is that pathetic, why strike back? Just laugh, accept that there are some bitter, unhappy people in the world, and move on.

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Anyone who has been married a little while can tell you that marriage is not always simple. But, in a happy marriage, those challenges are well worth it. Those of us in happy marriages can roll our eyes at the “advice” of those for whom the union didn’t work. Not all marriages are bad. Not all men want to sleep around.Just because you don’t like the idea of marriage or it didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that’s true for everyone.

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People don’t want to admit failure. So I get it. It’s easier to believe all marriages are doomed or that all men are unhappily dragged down the aisle. So fine. “Do you,” as they say. Those of us who are happy don’t need validation.

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