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‘Cup of Tea’ is the sexual consent video all men need to see (WATCH)

For many men, it seems the subject of sexual consent is a tricky one. What if she is passed out? What if she said yes once before? What if she said yes and then changed her mind? Now, in one video, we can see the truth. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what consent is — using tea as a metaphor.

This amazing video was put together as part of a collaboration between Blue Seat Studios and blogger Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess. These are stick figures who pack a serious punch. See below:

So what does it all mean?

Sadly, this is the reality. Rape is so common that in a typical year, nearly 300,000 women are sexually assaulted according to RAINN. Clearly, the idea of consent is getting lost in translation. So here’s a clue: Consent means yes. Consent means follow through. It means a woman must say yes and then continue to want it in order for it to be OK.

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It’s weird how easy it is to understand when it comes to tea, but how hard it is to understand when it comes to women’s bodies. No means no. It doesn’t mean maybe. Being asleep means no. Always. As the mother of both a son and two daughters, it is hard to imagine what it means to have to explain all this, but here it is. It’s simple. It’s in black and white. There are no pretty colors or pictures to muddle it. No means no. Yes means yes.

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You wouldn’t force someone to drink tea against their will. So how could you force them to have sex? Let’s hope people get it.

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