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This Pitch Perfect proposal is aca-mazing (VIDEO)

In honor of Pitch Perfect 2 opening this weekend, I have perhaps the cutest Pitch Perfect-inspired proposal video to share with you. If you’re a cappella-obsessed and looking for the perfect precursor to the sequel, this is it. Get ready to melt all over your computer or mobile phone screen.

I’ve never been one for performance-style proposals, but I’ll totally let this one slide, because it brought my love of Pitch Perfect and cute, all-male a cappella groups together. The proposer, Max, got all his guy friends together to help him re-create the number that the Treblemakers sing for the final round of the national a cappella competition. While they don’t look quite as dapper as the red velvet-blazered Treblemakers did in the movie, they do look pretty cute in matching black blazers and pastel-colored shorts. If they started serenading me the way they do Max’s lady, Lindsay, there’s no way I’d turn them down, no matter what they asked me.

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While it’s not as pitch perfect (sorry, I had to) as the Treblemakers’ performance, it’s a very decent runner-up, and the boys really do put their all into it. Yes, they are lip-syncing to the original, but hey, that beat and those harmonies would be hard for professionals to master, much less a band of amateur bros. I for one was aca-impressed. Also, if anyone knows if that first lead singer is single, I’m going to find him and pounce on him like a tiger.

However, the cutest part is still when Max bursts in to take the lead on “Magic.” He gives such a poised, confident performance even though he’s about to do a much more nerve-racking thing than sing in front of his girlfriend — propose to her.

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I love that Lindsay doesn’t even need to give the question a thought. Her simple “yes” sounds more like she’s saying, “Uhh, obviously I’ll marry you. How could I turn down this singing angel before me?” The whole thing seems to hit her after the fact, which makes for a genuinely magical end moment.

In case this made anyone long to watch the original, super-hot Treblemaker version to compare and contrast performance styles, I’m leaving it below. After all, very few things measure up to Jesse’s awesome footwork — and seamless mic stand drop.

Yeah… I definitely would’ve been kicked out of the Barden Bellas.

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