Couple emotionally watches each other age 70 years with makeup (VIDEO)

Ever wonder what you and your spouse will look like as you age? Most people do but would never imagine they could see it before they actually are older. Well, this soon-to-be-married couple was given the extraordinary opportunity to do just that through the magic of makeup. The physical results, along with their emotional reactions, are definitely worth watching.

This truly amazing video was brought to you by YouTube’s Field Day channel and Cut, which is also where you might have seen all those 100 Years of Beauty from around the world shorts. However, this is beauty on a whole other level, because it’s showing this couple, who’s starting a life together, how they’ll look to each other as the years pass.

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Tavis and Kristie seem very up for the challenge at the start of the video. Kristie makes a particularly poignant comment that she’s excited to be able to show her parents how she’ll look when she’s much older, because they will likely be gone by then. This already got my waterworks going, so I knew I didn’t have a prayer for the rest of the video. Both also start off super comfortable and confident about their rapidly approaching nuptials, which makes what they experience over the aging process that much more moving.


This first age jump is such a sweet moment to watch, because both Kristie and Tavis seem so pleasantly surprised by how they each look at 50. I got teary when they offered each other a simple greeting of “hi,” because it almost felt like they were meeting for the first time again. Tavis’ immediate response, “I hope you look like this. You look fantastic,” is just enough genuine love to get Kristie a bit weepy. And this is only the first age jump, mind you!

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While 50 didn’t feel all that drastic for the couple, nothing could’ve prepared them for their 70s. Their initial reaction says it all — a gasp and silence. Tavis tries to lighten the mood by saying, “You’ve been in the sun,” but this image of mortality definitely starts to affect both of them in a way I don’t think they expected. Kristie is full-on crying now (as was I), but Tavis seems intently focused on what filled the last 50 or so years of their lives and brought them to looking like this. Based on their reactions thus far, I’d say this couple has a very good chance of holding hands at this age when it comes in real life.

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This one’s my favorite, because there is just so much vulnerability and emotion coursing through both of them it makes for the most beautiful reactions. Now it’s Tavis’ turn to be swept up in emotion; however, he still manages to compliment his lovely wife-to-be. They hold hands while they explore the aged details of each other’s face and let the extraordinary nature of the experience wash over them.

In the end, while it must’ve been a difficult thing to go through, it overall made the couple even more certain of their love for each other and even seemed to help them write their vows. In a way, it feels like the ultimate test for anyone embarking on a life with someone they love. I’m sure I’d be way more of a mess than Kristie was, but I’m also sure it would open my eyes to the many stages of love a full life with your soul mate brings. Check out their entire journey here, and you’ll see what I mean.


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