Best son ever makes adorable video to find his mom a boyfriend

We love our moms and we want them to be happy. But one son went above and beyond the call of duty by creating the most heartwarming video tribute to his mother, Eva, in the hopes that she will find a nice man who deserves her.

Eva is 68, but is in better shape than most women half her age. She has a stunning smile, a warm personality, a ton of interesting hobbies and can hula hoop — you guys, she can hula hoop. How do we know she’s amazing? Her equally amazing son Alex spent one year creating a secret video in her honor titled “Looking for Adam.” As in: looking for an “Adam” to her “Eva.”


Eva, who lives in Norway, had no idea her son was trying to hook her up with a nice man. When he sits her down and shows her this video for the first time, her adorable reaction says it all. She isn’t opposed to it — she looks like a woman who doesn’t back down from a challenge — but she can’t believe the entire world is about to meet her and consider her as a potential love interest for their fathers and grandfathers. According to Alex, Eva is open to finding love and has been on a few dates, but we all know how difficult it is to find a good mate these days. A little help from a person with good intentions is never a bad thing!

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Seriously, if my dad were single, I’d buy him a one-way ticket to Norway right now. Eva plays tennis. She swims, bikes, skis like a champ and does yoga. She drinks beer. And not some sorry excuse for beer, not light beer, but a tall, seriously hearty pint of lager that she orders in an actual bar.

Forget my dad. I want to buy that one-way ticket, become Eva’s roommate and beg her to teach me how to live.

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Since posting this video on YouTube three days ago, it has been viewed more than 369,000 times:

I predict a million views in a week and a bazillion marriage offers in the same amount of time. For those of you wondering whether Eva’s son is single, we’re sorry to say we don’t know. You might have to wait for the follow-up video to find that out.


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