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Guy works as Uber driver to pay for an engagement ring (VIDEO)

This adorable pre-engagement story might beat out the actual proposal. A guy just out of business school took a second job as an Uber driver just so he could afford the engagement ring he felt his lady deserved. He also documented his entire Uber-driving experience, and cut it together to show her. Now that’s what I call the start of an incredible journey together!

Twenty-two-year-old Hudson Hoyle met his now fiancée, 23-year-old Katelyn Kainer, senior year at Texas A&M University. Like most recent grads, the two got jobs to sustain themselves, but when Hoyle decided he wanted to propose to Kainer, he realized his current salary wouldn’t cover the cost of the ring he wanted. However, rather than settling for a cheaper, less perfect ring, he made the choice to take a second job as an Uber driver. If that doesn’t show loving commitment, I don’t know what does.

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At first the job was just that — a way to afford the engagement ring he wanted — but then Hoyle decided to get creative. He set up a camera to record his drives so that Kainer could see what he had been up to while she worked nights. Meanwhile, Kainer had no idea this whole elaborate ring plan was going on. He always told her he was going out with friends rather than driving strangers around for money.

She told ABC, “He would say, ‘Oh yeah, I just hung out with friends,’ and I would say, ‘OK yeah, whatever. I guess I trust you.'” Trust and commitment. This soon-to-be marriage is already starting off on the right foot.

Hoyle said telling his passengers his reason for becoming an Uber driver made the experience that much better. “Everybody seemed to love this story; the more I told it, the more I realized it made people really happy.”

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He kept the actual proposal between the two of them, though, on a weekend trip in the countryside. Kainer was bowled over by the ring he picked, making the thousands of miles driving totally worth it.

“The ring is just amazing, he did just too much, too much and I’m just over the moon,” Kainer told ABC. Once back from their engagement weekend, Boyle took her to a surprise party where he showed her the video compilation of him as an Uber driver. Check out the über-adorableness of this Uber-aided engagement.

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