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20 Men on the features they actually find sexy

As I’ve observed my guy friends over the years, I keep returning to one helpful truth — they’re not like us.

They think differently, talk differently and love differently. They also notice our sexiness differently than we often imagine. Unconvinced? I polled a sampling of men to find out about their perception of women’s sexiness, and the results were both surprising and illuminating.

1. “When I see a woman with two small indentations on her low back from her muscles, it’s so sexy. I call it thumb prints.” Michael C.

2. “I like a woman with a raspy voice, like she might own me in pool or darts or something.” Gil H.

3. “I enjoy a thin wrist.” Nate R.

4. “Butts are the best. A big butt. I’m not just talking big from squats — but one that has some real meat on it.” Dane P.

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5. “A plush, touchable earlobe. A good set of ears and earlobes are underrated.” Kyle L.

6. “It’s probably not a great look in public, but I love it when my fiancée doesn’t wear a bra at home. She looks so relaxed, and bouncy.” Sean R.

7. “When a woman smiles big enough to make her nose and eyes crinkle, it’s gorgeous.” Matt K.

8. “A long neck with little wisps of hair falling out of her ponytail.” Trae Z.

9. “When it’s summer and you can see her tank top resting on her collarbone — it’s even better if her collarbone sticks out a little bit.” Christopher P.

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10. “I really like it when a woman’s hair falls into her eyes. But no bangs. Bangs aren’t good.” Christian D.

11. “My girlfriend has a little bit of downy hair on her butt. It’s not gross at all. It’s soft, like a peach, and it makes me crazy for her.” Tim S.

12. “A pedicure is money well spent — I like those painted toenails.” Dwight H.

13. “There’s this spot right below my wife’s butt that’s really soft to the touch. She thinks it’s fat, but I call it her hotness spot.” Reed G.

14. “I really like my wife’s hair when she doesn’t blow dry it. The waves are natural and really pretty on her.” Adam C.

15. “My wife’s stretch marks are beautiful to me. I knew her without them, and now I know her with them. They’re a reminder of our life together.” Matt S.

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16. “A woman and her wild hand gestures while talking.” Eric C.

17. “I first noticed my girlfriend because she was pretty tall and standing up straight. No slouching, so I could tell she was confident and I was hooked.” Caleb T.

18. “Dainty ankles. Can I say that?” Austin D.

19. “I’m a sucker for a little gap in-between a girl’s two front teeth. It’s charming.” Lance W.

20. “I guess women feel weird about their freckles, but I’m instantly attracted to a woman with freckles across her nose.” Zach O.

Looks like One Direction was right, ladies. We don’t know we’re beautiful, but men sure think we are.

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