The real message behind Ashley Graham’s beach body ad

This week, Protein World set off a social media tornado with a beach body ad. Seems harmless, except for the fact that women are sick to death of seeing the same photoshopped body type on every billboard.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a big yellow ad featuring a woman with their idea of a beach body and says, “Are you beach body ready?”

beach body

Critics of the ad point out the obvious fact that all you need in order to be beach body ready is to have a body and take it to the beach. What your body looks like in your bikini is totally your prerogative.

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Ashley Graham and Swimsuits for All decided to join the fun with this ad rebuttal:

But the message we should take from all of this isn’t that plus-size women and skinny women are at odds. Plus-size women aren’t trying to shame the skinny minnies of the world and convince everyone that their body type is the best body type.

We’re never all going to look the same. We’re never all going to have one body type. The more we glamorize one type of body (whether it’s slender or muscular or plus size), the more we will always strive to look like something we aren’t.

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And it goes all ways. This is not a campaign to defend plus-size women; it’s a campaign to defend your right to wear a bikini no matter what size the tag reads or how much or how little muffin top pours over it.

Everyone looks different and whether you love your body the way it is or you struggle with some point of insecurity, whether your love dieting and weight loss or shun the idea completely, you should feel accepted in a bathing suit. Because it’s a normal piece of clothing that every human wears. Like pants. You don’t have to be privileged to wear one.