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Why your sex life effects how much money you make


Sometimes science throws super-scary studies at us that make us suddenly fear something as innocent as orange juice. However, other times, scientists discover something that’s pretty awesome. A new study found a correlation between having regular, weekly sex and an increase in earning potential.

Simply put, if you’re having sex two to three times per week, you’re likely earning up to 4.5 percent more than people who don’t. That’s a pretty significant difference, especially considering two to three times a week is pretty average for people in good relationships.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it — if you’re having sex on a regular basis, chances are you’re in a healthy, happy relationship, which means you can focus more on the task at hand (aka your work). When you’re having less sex, you may not be as satisfied physically and emotionally. As a result, you become more scattered and your work likely suffers.

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The British study looked at Greek research in which 7,500 Greek nationals were polled about their sex lives and their yearly earnings. Their findings showed a strong correlation between regular sex and higher earnings. Dr. Nick Drydakis who led the study told The Telegraph that their results were much in line with Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, which essentially says happier people tend to be more successful in life.

“The theory concludes that people need to love and be loved, sexually and non-sexually, by others. In the absence of these elements, people may become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and depression — all factors that can affect their working life.” However, the study fails to explore what came first, the money or the sex?

It really works both ways — if you start making more money at work, chances are you’ll be happier and want to have sex more. On the other hand, if you’re having sex more, you’re likely more fulfilled in that area in your life, so you can concentrate more on getting ahead in the office.

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However, if you’re working too hard, you might come home exhausted, and then your sex life suffers, according to Philip A. Rutter, Ph.D., a Philadelphia psychologist and assistant professor in human sexuality graduate programs at Widener University. The same goes for if you’re drinking too much to cope with work stress. While a drink or two may boost your sex life, more than that can lead to a rapid decline, literally.

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It’s clear that sex inherently affects work life and vice versa. The best way to deal with it is remember, moderation is key in all things. If you have to work late one night, make sure to take time for yourself (and your partner) the next night. When you have more of a balance in your life, you’ll find you’ll be more successful, both on the job and between the sheets.

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